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Yesterday, I shared that I wanted to do a book countdown for Christmas (credit goes to wherever I saw it online to start with, I can not remember now where it was)
The book yesterday was also from Time for Kids...  It was X Why Z ...   (geared for kids 4-6 years old, although I enjoyed reading it myself... I always knew I was a kid at heart!)
Today, Time for Kids - Big Book of Why : Crazy, Cool and Outrageous.
I can not seem to seem to find an age on this one, so I am not sure what age it is geared to.

All I do know is that it is pretty crazy, cool and outrageous!!!! 
Human Body - Body Parts, Body Systems, Senses, Emotions, Gross Stuff, Diseases
Animals - In the Wild, Reptiles, Scary!, Birds, Sea Life, Friendly!, Insects
Nature - Weather, Disasters, Plants You Eat,Plants You Don't, Ecology
Earth- The Globe, Landforms, Geology, The Poles, Oceans
Space - Our Sun and Moon, Planets, Stars and Beyond, Comets and Meteors, Space Travel, Aliens
Science- Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Tricks of Light, Science at Home
Technology- Computers, Communications, Medicine, Robots, Engineering, Space
Transportation - Aircraft, Automobiles, Land Craft, Watercraft, Underwater, Unusual   Vehicles
U.S. History- Native Americans, Early Settlers, Revolutionary Times, The Civil War,         The Age of  Inventions, World War II, The Space Race, 1950's 1960's 1970's, 
World History- Seven Wonders, Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, Central and South America,  Asian History, Middle Ages, Explorers
World Culture- Government, Language, Money and Stamps, Customs, Celebrations
Arts & Media - Movies, TV, Internet, Books, Music, Fine Arts, 
Sports & Games - The Olympics, Baseball, Football, Basketball, More Sports, Fun and Games

I really enjoyed flipping through this book as well!
It was a great (and very fun) read for me and I can not wait to play a trivia game of sorts with the boys when they come!    I will say this, I learned that in Japan, May 5th is Children's Day...   They raise carp flags and fly carp kites...  (The carp is a fish that swims upstream.  It represents strength and determination.)  I think this is awesome and wish we had s fun holiday like that here...  Do we?
This book is full of great information and wonderful photography to go along with the questions.

Sample questions and answers and crazy, cool and outrageous facts include:

Human Body
Q. Why do I have nightmares?
A. Nightmares are just scary dreams. You might get them because your body is relieving stress, you are ill or you experienced something scary when you were awake.

Q. Why are so many people afraid of spiders?
A. We’re not born afraid of spiders. It’s something we learn. Some scientists think humans are naturally worried about animals that move quickly, as spiders do, and the fact that some spiders are poisonous certainly adds to the fear factor.

Outrageous!: Flowers are supposed to smell sweet, right? Well, don’t get a whiff of the massive Titan arum. This plant, which only flowers every four to six years, smells like rotting meat!

Q. Why are oceans blue?
A. Beauty – and color – is in the eyes of the beholder. The light we see is made of many colors at once. Ocean water absorbs colors like red and orange, but blue wavelengths are reflected, making the ocean appear to be blue. Other colors in the sea come from plants, dirt and pollution.

Cool!: Sometimes the sun shoots out massive amounts of magnetic energy, called solar flares. They can influence the weather on Earth, disturb radio communications, damage satellites and even cause temporary electrical blackouts.

Q. Why do people cry when they cut onions?
A. Cutting onions releases a gas that mixes with the water that’s naturally in our eyes. Together, they form an irritating chemical. Our eyes produce tears to wash it away.

Crazy!: If there are aliens out in space, they could listen to radio shows from long ago. TV and radio signals are still traveling through space, as are cell phone calls.

World Culture: 
Q. Why do some countries still have kings and queens?
A. Until the late 1700s, nearly every nation was led by royalty. Since then, however, most nations that were run by monarchs have turned to a more democratic system. In Britain, for example, the kings and queens were powerful rulers until the Reform Bill of 1832. Now the royal family performs mainly ceremonial duties.

Sports & Games: 
Q. How did the game Marco Polo get its name?
A. The popular pool game of tag is named for Italian explorer Marco Polo, who visited China and other parts of the Far East in the 1200s. There’s a story that he got lost in the desert in China and only found his fellow travelers by yelling his own name.

I think this is going to be a great book for the boys to open and explore during our Christmas Countdown!  
If you have a curious kid, I say look into getting this book! 


  1. This is just the kind of books boys like, or at least my boys. We had a similar collection of books when the older two were home My oldest has taken them with him. :)

  2. This book is geared to kids, but most adults to stand to learn some of these facts, myself included. If I have learned one thing from TV, it is that I am not smarter than a fifth grader.

  3. My grandson would love this book. He asks almost non - stop why questions. He is curious about everything.


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