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With all the social websites these days, I am not sure where I saw it first... 
Facebook?  Pinterest?  Blog?  A random website?  

Anyways, I saw where parents were taking books...  YES BOOKS  and wrapping them up... 
Then, they did a countdown to Christmas and each night they let the kids unwrap a book.  
I love this idea... you know how much we love books here..
I have now decided that I want to try this with Broxton this year... and I think it will be fun with some of the books to have when his brothers are here!  

I will say, I have not decided if I am going to go with 25 books or just 12...   

I also have not decided the order of the books yet, so I am just going to share the books that will be included...  not all are Christmas related, so get ready!!!!
(You know I will post pictures of all of that soon enough!)  

Image Credit: Amazon

Up first:
If you have a little one, they might be into the questioning stage... I know Broxton is... 
I mean, everything...  "Why is that called that?"  "Why is that colored that color?"  Each day is something new...   So, as soon as I saw this title, I was excited...  I also think that this will be a fun book for him to read with his big brothers!  

In Time for Kids - X Why Z, we have a great arrangement of information:


Human Body
Earth and Space

Of course, I already took a quick sneak peek at the book...  I will tell you this, I am kind of wishing that I did not plan on holding this for his Christmas Countdown, as it is full of great information to some of the questions he already asks now..  

Sample questions and answers include:

Human Body
Q. Why do I get goosebumps?
A. Goosebumps help your skin keep warm. Your hair stands up to protect your skin from cold air. Each tiny hair makes one bump.

Q. Why do cats lick you?
A. Cats lick people to show they care. It’s like a mother cat cleaning her kitten.

Q. Why do tree leaves change color?
A. During the spring and summer, leaves are filled with green chlorophyll. The chlorophyll helps the trees make food, and it makes the leaves look green. In the colder fall weather, leaves lose their chlorophyll and show their bright colors.

Earth & Space:
Q. Why does the moon seem to change shape?
A. One side of the moon always faces the sun, and one side is always dark. Here on Earth, we can only see the part of the moon that is lit by the sun. For a few days every month, we see the whole lit side, and we call it a full moon. The rest of the month, we only see part of the lit side, so the moon looks smaller. When we can’t see any of the lit part, we call that a new moon.

Q. Why are school buses yellow?
A. Yellow is an easy color to see, even in bad weather. The bright color warns drivers to look out for children.

Q. Why do igloos keep people warm?
A. A house made of ice does not sound warm. But people who live in frozen places can make an igloo very comfortable. A fire can warm the small space, but it will not melt the ice walls. The igloo also blocks the freezing wind.

Q. Why did Egyptians make mummies?
A. Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death. They wanted to preserve their bodies for the next life. A mummy is a dead body that has been dried and wrapped in strips of linen cloth so that it will not rot.

I really enjoyed the book as far as the lay out.
The questions are big and bold.  The sections are color coded.  
They ask questions that kids normally ask... and they have awesome photographs to go along with the questions and answers!
I think all the boys (and daddy too)  will enjoy flipping through this book. I made myself stop so that I could enjoy it with Broxton and the boys at Christmas


  1. I do love the book wrapping idea!

  2. Sounds like a book that every parent can use as a guide for all those, "Mom what is" questions. I like books that have a lot of pictures for a guide for the kids to understand it better. Thanks for the review!

  3. Well I learned stuff here. I didn't know you could start a fire in an igloo, and I didn't know about goose bumps either! This is cool. :)

  4. It's perfect for kids that ask a lot questions. A lot of them get answered.


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