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Hope it isn't too soon to start posting Christmas things...   Because...   I love Christmas! There, I said it...  I know, Halloween hasn't happened yet, but you know...
Halloween and  Thanksgiving, they just fly by and then the next thing you know...
You know, there are only 8 more Wednesdays until the Big One... 

Anyways, I want to try and have traditions and make wonderful memories with all the boys...  So, a couple years ago, I thought it would be awesome to start a family ornament each year...  I normally wrap it up as a family gift and then they get all excited when I unwrap it and they see it is the newest one...  But this year, since we have a new house and we will be making new memories, I think I will just go ahead and put it on the tree... I am still not sure about that yet, but soon enough I will figure it out...   Hey, I am excited about Christmas, but that doesn't mean I have my tree up yet!!!!

So... this "family ornament" that we get each year?   It comes from Ornaments with Love... 
(Love the name, love their product!)  I love that Ornaments with Love has so many family ornaments to choose from, so I always start with clicking on the family link... I don't want to show the ornament that I chose, since I don't want to ruin the surprise for the boys... but I will show you what I almost went with:  

This would have been so cute for us since it was our first home... but...  I did not want to mess with tradition, so I picked out one that I thought would best symbolize our family... and the milestone of our new home...  The great thing about the family ones? You don't have to be a parent with kids...  You can make one for your grandparents, you can get one with your family and your pets... or if you are single, you can get one with just you and your pets..  ( I know people think their pets are their kids.. nothing wrong with that and Ornaments With Love wants to make sure you know that too!)

Head on over to see what all ornaments that they have that you might be needing for your tree...   I love the quality of their products... and I just love that the boys get excited looking at the tree to find the ornaments from each year!!!!  Not to mention - the personalization! They have tons and tons of ornaments, sure to fit whatever occasion you want to highlight...

Make sure you visit Ornaments With Love and remember to follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  

Do you do family ornaments at your house?  
Also, just to see...
When do you put up your tree??


  1. I have mostly classic ornaments. We put our tree up right after Thanksgiving.

  2. I think personalized ornaments are awesome, and Ornaments with Love has a fantastic quality. We've ordered from them more than once and always been happy!


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