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Halloween is over, so I can go ahead and start talking about Christmas, right?
If you know someone who loves to cook with their kids... or if you know someone who has a kid that wants to cook with them (that is more our case, Broxton always wants to help... but he is wanting to use the knives and what not, like he is doing Hibachi!)
We were sent the book, 4 Ingredients Kids for review and I am excited that this is all easy enough items that Broxton just might get his wish to help me more sooner than we thought!  

This book includes:
What's 4 Brekky?
Snack Attack
What's 4 Lunch?
What's 4 Dinner?
Homemade Takeout
What's 4 Dessert?
Party Time

I loved the way they started this book.. The introduction tells us that we are getting ready to learn 80 easy recipes!!!   Top that off with the fact that they all have kids in mind... yeah, we are doing great there!
I LOVED reading :  " Teaching our kids how to eat well and how to cook should't be a chore - it's a gift."
We are then introduced to a glossary of cooking terms that not everyone is familiar with (or at least not familiar with how to go about doing.)    After that....  SAFETY and HYGIENE tips, plus Healthy Habits !!!  
Oh yeah.. this is a "smart book"... meaning you can download an app for even more stuff... If you see a certain image, you can click (once you download the app) and have digital content!

I thought the recipes were easy enough to make... and I loved that they included pictures for them... 
Each page has a recipe with the photo on the opposite page...  also, its not just a photo of the food, but they set the scene too...
Take the dinosaur eggs:  (coconut, apricots and condensed milk...   )
But the photo of the dinosaur eggs has a couple plastic dinosaurs in the photo with it!
Lunch has great idea's like baby blt's ... dinner has popeye's pie... dessert had banana splitz and party time had partysicles!!!  This book is full of great looking meals and easy to follow directions!
I believe it would be a great gift idea for someone with kids!  (Even grandparents would like this to get fun  ideas of how to cook with their grandkids!)


  1. What a fun way to get the kids involved in the kitchen!


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