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If you are looking for a hilarious book, Sports Illustrated for Kids - Top Dogs is just the ticket!!!  This book had me laughing as soon as I saw the cover and on each page, I caught myself grinning... 

This book has sports facts, but it is mixed in with dog loving information to... 
Babe Ruff?  Michael Stray-han?  
It is so funny... and since Broxton wants a dog... (and we aren't getting one any time soon,) this is the closest to it...
Top Dogs also includes:
·         Best in Show: From legendary golfer Arnold Palmeranian, to Hockey star Wayne Fetchzky, these pups stand as the all-time great [Danes] in their sport.

·         Underdogs: Boston College phenom QB Pug Flutie and NBA short-man Nate Slobberson have proven they can still hang in the dog house.

·         Hot Dogs: Known for their distinguishing looks, these pups always stay well groomed. Olympic snowboarder Bichon White and NFL Linebacker Troy Poodle-malu would agree.

Although I really enjoyed each page, I really liked how they had the dog and then the athlete pictures side by side at the end, just in case your brain was taking a break and you could not figure out what dog was who....
I can't wait till he unwraps this book on our Christmas Countdown!!!
I know we will all be laughing... 


  1. The best thing about SI is that you can almost always get a subscription for next to nothing because of the various promotions they have.

  2. My nephew Elijah would like this. He likes dogs and baseball.

  3. LOL at Troy Poodle-malu!! Totally have to get this to send to my Pittsburgh friend (I love her despite her Steelers affiliation).


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