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Another Year, Another Photo

We have this place near my parents home town...
Kids go there on school trips, we stop there for delicious boiled peanuts...   and also photo opportunities!
I do believe that Broxton has gone each year... This year, we sort of dropped the ball..
We planned on going, but never made it, well, I mean we did not make it for the photo's.  
We did stop once, but it was just for a minute and Broxton was not dressed the way I would have liked for photos... but he had fun and the memories continue!!!
Had I not had the other issues going on, we would have been able to go for the photos I wanted!!!
Either way, I still got pictures, so the tradition continues!!!


  1. I think he's dressed perfectly cute. :) I love his little face!!

    I'm trying to think if we have a place to get annual pictures, but I don't think we do. Pity's a fun tradition.

  2. Your little sweetheart is so cute!
    So glad you got photos, even though it wasn't ideal.
    Cherish all the moments anyway.

  3. I think he looks cute!

    Now my boys are so picky with clothing. I didn't think boys could/would be that way. They know what they want wear.


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