Warm Up with @CoffeeDirect - Your Guest's Will Love You

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I will be the first to admit that I am not a HUGE coffee drinker...
I do enjoy it, but then I realize I enjoy it just a bit too much and so I stop drinking it again...

Not too long ago, I was given the chance to review coffee from Coffee Bean Direct.
"Coffee Bean Direct is smaller coffee roaster based out of New Jersey, and their coffee is roasted fresh.  They differentiate themselves from their competitors with their unique company culture and a strong commitment to customer service. "  
With an introduction like that, who could say no?!

Well, it arrived and I really enjoyed it... but let me tell you the truth...
I liked it, but I also add sugar and cream to my coffee, so I could not tell you 100% if the coffee was fantastic.  (I did like it though...)
So, I thought "who better to judge coffee than my brother?"
I don't get it...  He is JUST LIKE our dad....
Coffee - Black.

He came to visit and in the morning, I fixed him a nice cup of coffee to go..
He was drinking it and I asked what he thought...
His response?  "It's fine, Noelle.... Come on!"  
He is of few words almost always, so I should be used to that... 
Then, as he went to drive off, he stopped and looked at me...
"Actually, this is REALLY GOOD coffee, I do have to be honest about that!"

He DID like it... and I got a compliment from him...
Bottom line - 
If you are a coffee fan, head on over to Coffee Bean Direct to see what all types of coffee they have...
Might be just what you are looking for during these colder months... Or maybe you want a nice new coffee to try to have on hand while you have visitors...   You know, this could make a great addition to a gift basket for the ones that have it all...
Let's be real here... As a girl born and raised in Georgia... The Southern Pecan Pie Coffee sounds

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How do you drink your coffee?


  1. Most coffee is good (to me) but every once in awhile you do come across one that makes you say, 'this is good coffee!!' I love those moments. Huge coffee fan here, and I drink it black 99% of the time too. :)


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