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Oh My Goodness!!!
You have no idea the wonderful goodness that I have been enjoying lately.
I love sweet foods, I love salty foods, I love all foods! 
You have no idea what happened when I opened up the Pistachio Chews!!! 
I honestly was not sure what I was thinking I was going to be trying out, but wow.  
Just Wow!!!

About Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites
With three main ingredients, Pistachio Chewy Bites provide healthy snack lovers the amazing benefits of pistachios, cranberries and agave nectar in a delicious and nutritious bite-size bar.  Pistachio Chewy Bites are heart-healthy, 100% all natural, gluten and dairy free, low in sodium, GMO free, vegan and a great on-the-go protein snack.  They also have no cholesterol, zero trans-fat and are a good source of dietary fiber.

These things are so great!
We got this bag of goodies....   It was full of these wonderful Pistachio Bites...
They were so great!  The pistachio bites had just enough of the pistachio... just enough cranberry...
( I am not really a huge cranberry fan, so I was worried that was going to be a no-go for me.)
Actually, I started grabbing for these when I had a sweet tooth craving...
So much better than grabbing a candy bar!!!!
If you are looking for something different to have around the house for snacking, look no further!
PS- I love that they come individually wrapped, easier for sharing!!!


  1. Those sound really good! I'll have to look for them in the store.

  2. OMG when I buy bags of them, my husband goes through them like crazy! He loves pistachios. My boss gets them for clients at Christmas time. We always have them sitting around in the break room.

  3. I will have to try Pistachio Chewy Bites because my family loves Pistachios and these sound very good.


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