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Most people know that I try and buy an ornament each year for the boys...
In the past, we have done football teams (UGA and LSU) but then I decided that I wanted to try and capture something a bit more personal for them.  Something to define that year for them... 
The plan is to give them these ornaments when they get married...
You know, a way to start their family tree without it being naked!
Until then, it gives us something to look back on and reminisce.

This year, it was a bit hard to decide what I wanted to do...
(and let me be honest, I am not going to tell you what I decided on, since I don't want them to see before they unwrap it!)

I was torn...
With so many options, what was I supposed to choose from?!

I thought about getting a personalized ornament with a boy with a cast on his leg... since one of the boys broke his leg, but then I could not remember if it was in 2013, or the end of 2012... 
 Then, I thought maybe I should get the oldest a football player, since it is his senior year and he was playing football for the high school....
 Broxton has loved Karate, so I thought that might be an option...  But then I had to choose, Karate or Soccer?  He played (and loved) both this year!

Then, I saw the boy with the tablet and that was the youngest all the way...    He pretty much always has his tablet with him...  

So, you see the dilemma?!
I finally decided what to get each of them... I feel confident that they will like the one that was chosen for them and they will always have a way to remember this year that is almost over... 
I love knowing that I can order from Ornament Shop and that not only will I get a great ornament that is personalized for what we want to remember... I will also be getting a great price on them, they are very fair!!!

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What way(s) do you remember each of the years?   Do you have any traditions? 


  1. I love personalized ornaments, and these are ALL great!

  2. Oh my goodness, I think our next big trip is going to be to Denmark and was just curious if they had any made there, or that represented there, and they have a whole page of awesome tin ornaments made in Denmark! Nice!!!

  3. These are all so cute and unique! We got a family one from here last year for Christmas and I love it!


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