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A few weeks ago I received a pretty interesting email...
It was in regards to the great superhero themed shows that come on The CW Saturday mornings....
I know I am not the most creative mom out there, but it hit me when I got this email...
I had never thought about making things for Broxton to enjoy ...   while watching his favorite shows!!!
(Yes, we do crafts, but not super hero stuff.. until now!)
Of course, that meant YES... I wanted to see what was in this box and get some ideas flowing... 

Box of goodies arrives..
 Broxton has no clue what is going on with the empty paper towel rolls.

Our Box included:  paper with a super  hero mask outline, paint, 3D glitter glue, yarn, paper towel rolls, craft foam, paint brushes, safety scissors, a mason jar, glue, popsicle sticks, markers and instructions to create three super craft projects.
So anyways...
We got to work on making a Super Hero Mask first.  We will be doing more, but this was first on our list...
The next up will probably be using the mason jar and Popsicle sticks!   I bet you want to know what that is about, don't you?
Well, let me tell you... 

Take a list of super powers and cut/paste them onto the popsicle sticks... 
Then, add them to the mason jar (as a holder)
Throughout the show/day have them grab a stick and act out different powers.. 


X Ray Vision
Man of Steel
Web Slinging
Superior Self- Defense
Super Soni Speed
Spidey Sense
Super Strength
Lasso of Truth
Ring of Power
Breathing Underwater
Mighty Morphin Abilities 
Ability to Read Minds
Night Vision

We had a blast doing the mask, as you can see here:

I am thinking that although this would be a great craft project any time... 
This would be an AWESOME gift for the kid that has everything... 
A box of crafts to make... and the best gift of all is the memories they will share with you!!!!

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  1. This looks like fun! And yes, craft times with my then-little one are some of our best memories!

  2. The mask turned out really cute!! I like to do crafts with the kids, and they like it too! Great fam.time activity.

  3. Isaak would love that! He likes crafts so much! I keep meaning to paint with him.


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