A Bee Named Bea

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Looking for Poems for kids?  Look into the book, A Bee Named Bea and Other Poems.  
This is a super cute book and the poems are sure to make the little ones smile!  
At first, I was not so sure about this book--- since I am not a really HUGE Poem person- I used to be, but not really sure what happened.  
So, when this book arrived, I started off with a negative attitude.  
Then, I kept turning the pages... 

A Bee Named Bea and Other Poems is just too cute.
The first poem we start with is An Alligator named Augie.  This is about an alligator that becomes friends with a frog named Froggy.  
The next is A Bee named Bea.  At this point, I was wondering if we would have a A Chick named Chickie, but they threw me in for a loop!  It was a bird named Dickie!  
Each poem gives us a cute new name  ...  " A (something) named (something.)"
But it is so much more than that... The actual story line of the poem is what is most important- in A Canary Named Larry, we get to meet Larry the canary that can not sing...   His friends can not stand to hear him sing, but instead of having a pity party... Larry learns that he is really good at bell ringing!  Now, his friends sing and he rings the bell and everyone is happy!   
I love the problem solving in the poem and each one has a great message.  
In A Chicken Named Charlie - we meet Charlie that rides a Harley... 
Except he doesn't follow the rules and never seems to leave both wings on the handlebars!  
His best friend keeps warning him...  but he never listens... Until it is too late -

As I said, I love the messages in each of the poems.  
I think this would make a great gift for any preschool teacher!!!


  1. This would be fun to give my son's teacher for the classroom. She's got a major bee theme going on. :)

  2. Hi Noelle, I am the author. I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading the book to Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade. They are very responsive and I have them participate in the stories. Super Fun!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting, Candace!
    I can not wait to share this with my sons teacher next year (if I like them. ha ha. If not, back to his old teacher!!!)


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