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Having stepsons is a blessing to me... I love that Broxton has older brothers and when they are in town, we try to make the most out of our time together.  While sometimes we don't go anywhere or do anything, it is the fact of spending time together that is important to us.    I love to take pictures, but I really don't want a bunch of random snapshots hanging up in frames...  (Especially because when you have a house full of boys, they mostly tend to lay around in just shorts all day and as much as I love them, I don't want their shirtless photos plastered on my walls.)
This past Spring Break, we were lucky enough to get to go to Zoo Atlanta for the day.  The boys were running around having a great time and we were laughing off and on all day... At one point, I look over and they are making this funny to me photo - of course, I had to snap it right then (and then they posed for the "let me get a good shot of your face" photos!)
When I got home and got to looking through all of the many, many, many photos of our day - this one of the boys kept grabbing my attention and I kept smiling.  

I was able to get to work with Easy Canvas Prints in a review and I knew that though we took tons of photos that day, the image of them playing and having fun was THE ONE I wanted hung up on my wall!    I was very happy with the product when it arrived, but the best for me was watching Broxton.  I had the canvas sitting in a chair (just waiting for me to decide WHERE to hang it now)  and he spotted it.  He walked over and started laughing - the facial expression and his memories of that day and time - yes ---  that IS what it is all about.  I have lots of pictures around our house- but ones like these are the ones that mean the most to me.  
With Mothers Day being tomorrow- why not take as many pictures as possible?  (In the digital age, we can afford to do so, hitting the delete button is so much better than waiting for the negatives to be printed!)    Then, go through and find the photo that sums up the day for you.  (NOT A POSED ONE!)    With graduation going on everywhere - this would also be great to get a great shot of your graduate with their friends / family in the moment of their big day!!!!  For me, I want to try and get a few of Broxton and the brothers again this summer in images like this - yes, the posed ones are great - - - but these are the ones that invokes the memories and smiles that life is really all about!!!! 

Do you hang up fun pictures like this, or are they destined to just be in your computers hard drive?  Think about it - we took the picture for a reason.  Why not share it with all that come to visit?  These are the best memories!  


  1. That is a great photo choice. It's totally an awesome pic!!

    I'm glad you are so crazy over your stepchildren. I know many families, I'm sad to say where it's not like that... so it's wonderful to see a family who is just family, like yours. :)

  2. I hang up some. I need to update picture in my hallway big time.


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