Super Heroes Make for Super Reading (Plus a Classic)

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Reading is so much fun for me... and actually it is a great time for Broxton and I to enjoy time together.  He grabs the books he wants me to read and I get to enjoy that time snuggled up reading and discussing things that are exciting to him.  

A couple books that recently arrived were great additions to our library, thanks to Disney Books!!

Up first was a classic for me.  Well, I am not sure if it was from MY childhood or MY BROTHERS- but I for sure remember Huey, Dewey and Louie ...  Donald Ducks nephews!   I did not know they were still around, so I was excited to read this one to Broxton.  It was Huey, Dewey and Louie's Rainy Day and it is part of the "World Of Reading"  - Level 2.
Broxton was not familiar with them at all, so it was cute to tell him they were related to Donald and then to see what all they did on their Rainy Day spent at Uncle Donalds house!  

The other 2 books were perfect for Broxton.  Captain America - The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.    Captain America - The Winter Soldier - Rescue at Sea  is the book that tells the story of the movie Captain America- Winter Soldier, later this year.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Spider-Man vs. Electro is also a movie that will be released soon - as in this week,if I am correct!!!
If your kids are anything like this little boy in our house - you might have heard " I want to see that movie!"  Just a few times already .... good thing for us is that now I can tell him that he can read the book until we see the movie!!!  

The final "awesome" part about the Captain America / Spider Man books?
They each come with a POSTER of the super hero featured in each book!
I told Broxton that if he wanted to hang the posters up in his room, I was totally okay with that... as I want it to be HIS ROOM and the way he wants it (within reason!)  I can't remember if I had posters up in my room growing up or not, but I know I sure loved looking at them at the store!  

Do you allow posters to be hung in your kids room? 


  1. it's awesome that he enjoys reading! I remember watching the donald duck nephews cartoons in the 90's they were funny. Kind of neat the books come with posters, I used to buy magazines specifically for the posters as a teenager in middle school even though my mom got tired of it. We finally painted my walls and I was no longer allowed to hang posters lol

  2. Books are blessings!
    Such a great time for learning and wallowing in new worlds :)

    My kids , though past this stage, would still enjoy these books! And even more so the POSTER :)

    Yes we hang them, if they like them :)

  3. That's right, we are influenced by the others in our house when we read. My daughter has a soft spot for TMNT because her brothers liked them. ;)

    These look great, and I knew you loved reading with your little one. :) We love reading together over here too. The oldest had me reading to him all the way up to age 12!

  4. I do allow posters in their rooms. Only if they use tape I've tested.

    My boys have TMNT and Lego posters in their rooms.


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