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Living in Atlanta has its benefits and one would be that we are able to go and see more things because of being in a bigger city... We went to see the NUCLEAR COWBOYZ at Phillips Arena in 2013.   It was awesome and full of energy.  I remembered my friend and I both enjoying the show last year, but being a bit bored / lost about the whole ladies dancing around... So I was a bit eager to see if it would grab our attention this time, since we "knew what to expect."
Let me just say - Nuclear Cowboyz DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!  

 This year, Nuclear Cowboyz put their show on at Gwinnett Arena.   We got there and of course we had to visit the concessions... Having to get a Coke put us missing the introduction -but we sure could hear all of the excitement from in the outside area!   
 We quickly rushed to our seats and we were in full AWE from that moment on!
The tricks were amazing!  The kids were on the edge of their seats the whole time!  *Mouths open in amazement and smiles!
It was just as energetic this time around, but since we knew it was going to be loud and full throttle, we were all prepared for it and really it wasn't bothersome to the kids this time.  Side note- we had so much fun last time with our friends, we invited them back this time around too!  

 I can 100 % say that my friend and I were just as into - if not a little bit more - than the kids!
The flips and tricks were just awesome and so exciting to watch!  

 The best part to both of us?
It seems (to us) that they eliminated all of the ladies dancing around (yes, it was still going on, but not as much and it was a bit more exciting this time) and added martial arts of some sort to add to it all.  A little while into the show and both of us were discussing how it was so much better than last year!  

 Between the flames, the lights, the martial arts, the dancing and the moto cross- we were charged with excitement from the moment we walked in.  That could be part of the reason my photos are not better - I was getting caught up in the show  and when I would go to take a picture, I would jump!  
Some of the Martial Arts type people doing their show.

Would we go again?  HECK YES!  Already excited about next year!
I just wonder how they can top this... Although I know if it was the exact same as this one, I would be in awe all over again... There is just something about all the high flying excitement that gets my adrenaline pumping...   

Let me end with this...
If you see Nuclear Cowboyz coming ANYWHERE near you - grab tickets ASAP!!! You will not be disappointed if you go.   (Between you and me - we almost missed an awards event that night, since we knew how great this show was!   We ended up being able to do both, but were totally going to risk it based on last year!)  


  1. That does look like an amazing show. I'd go in a heartbeat! Great pics!!

  2. I love when it captures and holds your attention like that! Sounds pretty non-stop and so exciting! I'll definitely keep my eyes open for a visit near me.


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