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Between Mothers Day and Graduation Day - we have plenty of reasons to celebrate here!  I was recently sent an absolutely stunning arrangement from Edible Arrangements for review and I can totally see now why people go on and on about these!  
The guy arrived and I was so surprised with how much fruit is on there - and just how beautiful it was ! 
Of course, Broxton saw the arrangement and immediately wanted to know if he could try some of it.
Who was I to say no?  I was also ready to dig in - so we opened the bag and started enjoying!!! 
The Mothers Day fruit bouquet that I was sent was full of so many delicious fruits: 
Strawberries (some even covered in chocolate!) Honey Dew, Cantaloupe, Pineapples and Grapes.
Broxton wanted to try the chocolate covered strawberries, but we also had to try the cantaloupe (well, actually we "had to" try all of them!)  
We were all so very impressed with how fresh and flavorful everything was!
Honestly, I would have sworn that someone had come into my kitchen, cut and displayed the fruit right then!  It was so juicy that we had to make sure to be careful not to drip the fruit juice on our shirt!
I love that we were able to enjoy the beauty of the arrangement as a display - but instead of having flowers that die and have to be thrown away, we were able to enjoy the fruit as an after school snack and then again as a dessert!   The best to me is that after we enjoy LOOKING at it - and enjoy EATING it - I am still left with a Mothers Day keepsake as the beautiful bowl that it was delivered in is so pretty.  I loved that it is pink, with a blue interior (Broxton thought that was "SO COOL"!)  

So, if you are looking for a great gift idea - Be it a new baby, Mothers Day, Graduation, Birthday or WHATEVER the celebration might be... Look no further than all of the beautiful looking a delicious tasting treats at Edible Arrangements


  1. So pretty, and so yummy! We recently received one of these, just after my husband got out of the hospital. That was the first time I've seen Edible Arrangements, other than in photos. It was so pretty and so good! Ours came in a big coffee mug. My husband isn't a coffee drinker, so I've been using it. :)

  2. It sure is pretty and nice to hear the fruit is juicy delicious good! :)

  3. Edible Arrangements make great gifts for multiple occasions. We got a basket for the staff at Grady where my brother was hospitalized after his motorcycle accident. The staff loved it, and my brother received the best care they could give there.

  4. These are great! And soooo cute! lol It's much better than getting flowers that are going to wilt lol


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