TeenyMates Now Has Baseball Figures!!!

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You know how much we love the TeenyMates toys.  Broxton has them and loves playing with them... and I love that they are teeny and so cute.   They now have TeenyMates Baseball figures (that come with the random puzzle pieces - collect them all to make the puzzle!)  
I don't know it it is because he just loves the TeenyMates, or if it is because he is playing baseball this year... It might even be because he got to go to his first Baseball game, no matter what the reason was... When he saw that the Easter Bunny left him a couple eggs with Teeny Mates in them, he IMMEDIATELY had to get them out and start playing with them.. They even beat out the other toys in the basket!!!!  

All I know is that we were super lucky with the teams that Broxton got.  With the TeenyMates, you get 2 figures and 2 puzzle pieces in each foil pack.  It is a treat and total surprise to see who you end up with and with 30 teams to try and get, it is a fun collection to start!  
Who did we end up with?
The Giants, Broxton had to show that to daddy, since daddy loves them!  The Braves, I wanted to put that one up since that is our hometown team and we have a few other from other sports leagues up as collection and not to be played with... But he was just too exited and I could not say no.  We also got several other ones, but to be honest, he was excited to play with them and I did not get long enough to memorize the teams!   

There are many ways you could start to collect these... as an avid fan you could just try and collect all the MLB teams.  You could also do it as a collection of teams you have seen play live or go a step further and collect the teams that your kids played little league for!    At the end of the day, you could just be like us and collect them just to have to play with!
Hope you enjoy the TeenyMates as much as we do!!!


  1. My nephew Elijah would like them. He's huge into baseball. He always has been.

  2. My son likes little characters like these. We have some squinkies, which I think are similar. :) I like the baseball figures!


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