Dreaming of that Home Run

As I mentioned, Summer has been BUSY for us!
But, we love it!  
I did want to share a few highlights from the end of the school year / start of summer.

Broxton had his last day of preschool....
Yep, Mama teared up a bit... I did not cry as hard as I thought I would, but I think it was because I was blessed with my phone ringing right as I walked out and that stopped the tears from flowing.  It is so hard to imagine that he has just finished preschool and that my little one will be starting Kindergarten in the new year! Where does the time go?  Mama's with little ones - take note... IT FLIES!  

Broxton walking in on the last day of school.  
I thought it was so cute...
They actually had a preschool graduation.  They made the kids shirts and that was their graduation outfit...
Then, they sang a couple of songs and then they were presented with a "certificate" for graduation!  
I was a bit emotional then, but it got me when we heard around fifty 4 and 5 year old kids start to sing " Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord."  Talk about the tears! 
Broxton getting his certificate from his teacher.
While we were dealing with the emotions of the end of his preschool years...
We also got to deal with the excitement of his first year of baseball...
I absolutely LOVED his team, the kids, parents, coaches... It was so fun!
He was so sweet in that he invited his former teachers to come see him in one of his games...

His teacher from his first year of preschool came - LOVE HER.
She said he had invited her, and then she did not make it, so he went up to her and asked why she did not come, since he had given her an invitation!  Ha!!! So, she found out when he had another game and surprised him and came to it!   How lucky are we to have such a great person in our lives?
Broxton and his very fist teacher ever!  
 My sweet boy... He would get out there and swing with all his might, but sometimes he looked scared to death!  I would yell for him not to be scared of the ball and he would yell back he wasn't... It ended up being an ongoing thing that we parents all got to laugh at....
But the sweetest thing...
At the end of the year, he finally told me something...
He always swings with his eyes closed...  I asked him why and he said he was dreaming of hitting a home-run!  Talk about melting a mom's heart!  
My sweet boy, dreaming of those home runs!!!
What I absolutely LOVED with his school year and with baseball?
They both had end of the year parties...
Well, at his school party, the teacher gave each kid a certificate with an "award"   it was just cute silly things, but you can not even begin to guess what my child got.. Unless you know him personally and then you would not be shocked...   He got the "story teller award" as every day he had to come into the class and tell a story about something!  Ha ha!!!!   (No questions get simple yes or no answers here.. they have stories to go with it!)  
Then, at his baseball party, the coach called each kid up and said something about them...
For Broxton, he commented on how he always had such a great attitude - no matter what was going on in the game, he was always so positive.  Then, he had to share the "dreaming of the homerun" story with the other parents... It was so sweet!  

So- our summer has been pretty exciting so far... How about yours?


  1. I think is so super stinkin' cute!! I sure miss my son being that age. They grow up so fast. These are the memories you will hang onto in 20 years or so!

    1. Thanks! Time sure does fly, so we try to make the most memories we can!!!!

  2. I laughed that you cried (because I cried at the end of the year movie the teacher put together for my son's class). :)

    I love the eyes closed story too. Aww!


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