Sophia The First Books for Your Little Princess

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If you have a little girl and watch Disney at all, I am pretty sure you are familiar with Sophia the First... Even though I have a little boy, we are familiar with this character... I personally love the story lines to the books (and shows) and I can always get Broxton to sit down and read a Sophia book with me.
Nevermind it is a "princess story" the lessons learned are such a great story point, the rest doesn't matter!!
We were recently sent a few more of the Disney Books and I will tell you, after we read them, Broxton immediately grabbed the "Blue-Ribbon Bunny" book and asked me to read it again, with him trying to help me out.  I loved that and was eager to do so!  (The lesson in that book was " always be loyal to your friends.")

Sofia the First - Princesses to the Rescue - Ages 3-5
While visiting the Kingdom of Wei-Ling, James and Prince Jin set off to search for the legendary treasure of the Jade Jaguar but soon find themselves trapped in the jaguar’s den.  It’s up to Sofia, Amber, Princess Jun, and a very special Disney Princess to rescue their families!
This beautifully illustrated picture book is based on a special episode featuring Mulan airing on Disney Junior in Summer 2014, and comes with a bonus downloadable song, “Stronger Than You Know,” from the episode!f
Sofia the First - Just One of the Princes - Ages 3- 5
Sofia wants to try out for a spot on Royal Prep's Flying Derby team, but Amber, Prince Hugo, and the rest of her classmates tell Sofia that Flying Derby is not a "princess thing." With some encouragement from her mother and a lot of hard work, Sofia and her small, worry-prone flying horse, Minimus, prove that anything can be a princess thing!
Sofia the First - Blue-Ribbon Bunny - Ages 3-5
When the Village Faire holds a Best Pet Contest, Sofia and Clover decide to enter together to win the blue ribbon and a ride on a parade float. The other kids in the kingdom bring unique and talented pets--they seem much more special than a bunny from the forest. Should Sofia choose the fanciest pet to enter in the contest, or stick with her best friend Clover?
If you are planning a trip this year, this would be a great little treat to make the trip more exciting!  


  1. My husband's bff has a daughter named Sophia. I wonder if she likes the series. I'll have to ask her dad.


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