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If you have ever been to this blog, or if you know us personally, you know that we are huge Lego fans here...  I was so lucky that I was able to host a giveaway for Lego KidsFest that headed to Atlanta... and in doing so, we were able to attend and I just had to share how much fun it was!  I know that Lego KidsFest is headed to other area's... so if you love Lego's... I say try to go!  The kids will love you for it and you are sure to have a blast too!

When you first get there, you are given a brochure that tells you what all is inside and even gives you a little map to help make sure you see and do it all...  Broxton and his buddy decided to take a look at this while we waited for them to open up for the day... I love this photo here, not staged at all.. LOVE IT!!!
Broxton and Logan checking out what all to expect.  

I LOVED seeing the sign for Parent Zone.  

One thing that I really liked seeing?  When you went in, there was a Parent Zone.  You got a little business card to fill out - YOUR name and a contact number... Then, you gave it to your child to keep in their pocket and if there were to get separated from you, they could give it to one of the MANY MANY staff members to help get them to the Parent Zone.   Also, they had signage telling you to snap a photo of you and your kid together on your phone... that way if you got separated, you had a very recent picture of them... WITH YOU ...
With the Lego Movie being such a big hit, you knew that they would have
an area for that ... The logo --  the characters...  a book to take home..
As soon as you walked in, you were immediately greeted with all of the different Lego Models... From Lightning McQueen to different Star Wars characters, Buzz and Woody (from Toy Story) and so many more.. It was so neat to see and it was so cool seeing that they were totally from Lego's!   
We have a big Lighting fan, so of course we HAD to get a picture in front!

Broxton with his buddy racing the cars.
Some how or another, we managed to head straight to the racing area.. and that is where we stayed for the first hour or so.  Broxton was having a blast in there and who was I to stop him from that?  He raced and raced, running to all of the different race area's and building different cars... Finally, our friends headed over to where we were and the kids kept playing.  (They had plenty of seating surrounding the area, so we were able to sit and chat while the kids played...)  They had several concessions around with plenty of table and chairs if you wanted to sit and enjoy food...  (We ate a pretzel to keep the energy going!)  

The Reading Zone.

Another cool area?  The DK Reading Zone.  They had plenty of books (labeled for you to enjoy)  from the different Lego Creation books to the "learn to read' books ... all placed around a separate area.  They had chairs and bean bag chairs all around for you to take a break and read and relax.  Off to the side of that, they had plenty of the books you looked at that were available for purchase.  Along with the books, they also had plenty of shirts... But fear not, in a whole different area,  they also had LEGOS!  Come on, you knew you were not going to get out without having the option to purchase more Lego's to take home!     
Of course, we had to go and check that out... and while in there, we grabbed a Lego KidsFest Shirt to remember our special day. 

Lego Hero
Something neat to me was that they had spaces set up throughout the convention center... Each area was focused on the particular Lego "theme"  Of course, we had to go and check out the Star Wars area... They also had Lego City, the Lego Mixels, I was totally unfamiliar of the Lego Hero line... but they were pretty neat... I do believe that is up next for our collection.  One that Broxton enjoyed playing with was in the Chima area... it was some sort of racing.  You build your car with your character and then you put this little rip cord in there to pull it and then race it across the place.  It was pretty neat and he enjoyed it, but then we headed to check out more.  They even had the ones set up to build Lego Robots!  I did enjoy walking and seeing all that Lego Kidfest had to offer... it was a very informative area to see what all is out there... and a great way to see what your kid enjoys the most. I even had Broxton go check out the Disney Princess and Lego Friends area, since I wanted to check it out too!   (No worries for those of you with younger kids, they had a nice Duplo area that had princess stuff and Jake and the Neverland Pirates!)   
Broxton with a Lego Master Builder
 I was so happy to get Broxton's photo with a Lego Master Builder... I read this online and thought it was so cool :  "We also have two LEGO Master Model Builders at the show conducting workshops and there are only seven (total) master builders in North and South America."  They were so nice and polite to talk and spend time with Broxton.  

MY FAVORITE PICTURE OF THE WHOLE EVENT.  Thinking it is a framer!  

If you are still trying to decide if you are going to attend or not, I totally say GRAB TICKETS NOW!!! These are memories you will LOVE to make!!  Click on the LEGO KIDSFEST  link to see if it is headed your way!!!  I am sure I missed things, but as the song goes...  "Everything is Awesome!"  


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