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With the Ninja Turtles movie coming out in August, you can bet that will be a hot costume item this year...  We have been fans of those turtles since back when my brother was a kid... so we are very familiar with them. (Although, I would be willing to be my brother would kick butt at old school Ninja Turtle trivia!)
I am not sure if dress up is popular at your house... and don't go thinking " I don't have a girl, we don't do dress up" as there are lots of fun things to play dress up throughout the year!  I know that Broxton loves the costumes and will put them on for playing around the house... but, if you don't allow for dress up play at your house....   You know what will be here before you know it?
Halloween!!!!  Why wait?  Go ahead and start to figure out what costumes will be worn this year, no need to wait until the craziness starts!!!!  

We were sent a Ninja Turtle Costume from Halloween Adventures  - talk about Turtle Power around the house now ... (even the loving pizza part!)   I really like the costume and I am glad that I ordered up a size... Broxton is in a 5-6 now... but they had 4-5 / 6-7 so I went with 6-7.  Yes, it is a bit LONG on him... but it fits perfectly elsewhere... That was one reason I was pretty excited to see that they have velcro knee pad / elbow pads for the outfit.  

The Knee Pads are velcro and are not attached.  I loved that, as I could fold up the pants and sleeves then velcro the pads on to keep them in place.  
Another thing that I really like?  See the shell?  It is empty here, but there is a slit in it... You can add things in it to make it as thick as you want it to be.  We went with it empty for now, but I do believe that he will start adding things to carry around as soon as I point it out to him.  If you notice on his shoulder, that is a black velcro strip. That is how you connect the shell to the costume.  It is sturdy, but I wanted to be able to point it out to you.  
The costume seems to be made out of the material all kids costumes are made out of, but the face mask is of a heavy plastic.  I did like that they made the front part ON the costume, instead of more stuff for me to have to keep up with.  I think with the mask being of a heavy plastic, he will wear it around and play with it, even on days where the costume isn't pulled out and being worn!  
Tell me that this isn't the cutest Ninja Turtle you have ever seen?  I love it... If you see the blue blanket in the background, that is one of his brothers under there... He had to put his costume on and then had to go and fight the big brother!!
 As I said, it was a great fit and I am glad that I went with the medium size.  It seemed to fit him perfect as far as the costume, but the legs and arms were a bit long... To be honest, I was glad for that, I would rather it be too long and me take it in some than it be too short and just look weird!  

Wouldn't it be fun to have your kid(s) and their buddies all dress up and go trick or treating together???  I know I would love to open the door and see a group dressed up together like that!!!

Now, for those of you that want to go old school:  " Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!!!!"
Head on over to check out the Ninja Rap on You Tube!!!


  1. How fun! I bought my boys each a turtle costume when the Halloween stuff was on clearance last year. Mica said he wanted to be a cowboy though. I told him that I'm not buying boots just for Halloween. He changed his mind, and now wants to be Indiana Jones again. He was him 3 years ago. Luckily I bought big, and sewed it up. I just need to rip my sewing.

    I don't know if Isaak will want to be a turtle, or Spider-Man for the 3 year in a row.

    I'm always looking at that site because my boys still like dressing up. I have to dress up for work to.

  2. I know what Isaak wants to be: A Power Ranger. But he wants to be the white one, and all I ever see is black, or red.

  3. That's an awesome costume. I have a boy in the house and he's my first kid to have so many costumes it warranted a 'costume chest.' He loves getting dressed up, and you're right there are tons of great boy choices for it.

  4. This is a great idea! I just saw a boy in a tiger costume, he was as happy as can be! No need for Halloween!!


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