Thinking Thursdays

Okay, so I used to do "Aloha Friday" but it seems that it has died down...
I have random questions of things that run through my head and I am going to start asking a question each week...  Would love to hear your answers!!!!!  
I would also love for you to join in with me... Ask a Question of your own - either here in the comments or on your blog (leave me a link so I can visit and answer)  If it seems that a couple of you start doing this with me, I will totally put up a linky, but for now, I just want to know your thoughts...

Today's Question - 
Have you ever been to a blog conference and if so, which one(s)?  

My answer -
I have never been to one.  I really want to attend several and I am trying my best to do so.  Not only for the knowledge learned about blogging, but to meet some of the bloggers I have made friends with over the years!  


  1. I haven't. I'm much more outgoing online, which is sad. I've always been an artist introvert, and need my alone time. I'd like to go, but I wish my blogger friends lived closer. Recently I just became part of an Omaha Blogger group. Again I'm timid. It seems like they already have their "click" going. They meet up, and go out for drinks. That's just not me - anymore anyhow. They also want to do things during the day when I'm working. I know a lot of bloggers are stay at home mom's. I'm not. That makes going to events hard.


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