Send them #Back2School Smelling Great with the @Snuggle_Bear Scent Booster!

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In partnership with The Better Show new Snuggle Scent Boosters and lifestyle expert Jordan Reid have created fun, simple and creative ways to boost the mood in your home, including bringing all the best the summer season has to offer indoors. Below are a few of Jordan’s tips:

·         Everything Has It’s Place
Laundry rooms are notoriously known for being cramped so it’s good to keep it as organized as you can. Cut-down the clutter and create plenty of open room for sorting and folding. Put all of your laundry-related items on shelves within reaching distance of the washer and dryer. And a mounted ironing board is perfect for smaller spaces; you can keep it out of the way, yet easily accessible.

·         Give Your Laundry A Boost
Infuse your clothes with long-lasting scents that stay with you from wash to wear and linger in folded laundry for weeks. New Snuggle Scent Boosters, available in Lavender Joy and Blue Iris Bliss, are great and so easy to use, just toss one of the single pacs in the washer before adding laundry and add detergent like you normally would. The best part about Snuggle Scent Boosters is  that there’s no mess, measuring or spills! They dissolve completely and can be used on all types of clothes in all machines. I use them along with my Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener that gives me clothes softness and then throw a Snuggle sheet in the dryer to help reduce static. 

·         Get “Chore-Ganized”
Before heading off to bed, I take a few minutes to do basic prep-work for the next day: slicing fruit for breakfast, portioning out sandwich meat for lunch, and lay out clothes for the next day. Taking care of a few chores the night before gives me a few extra minutes each morning to spend with my son reading him his favorite book.

We were sent the Blue Iris Bliss and the Lavender Joy Snuggle Booster packs for review. I loved how they were conveniently packaged in the dissolve-able packs to make laundry a bit easier...   It was easy to get laundry going, not worry about having to measure things out... and they really do give your laundry a boost of snuggly scent!  (Nothing better than grabbing a shirt that has been washed and put up and having a nice whiff of the clean clothes greet your nose! Especially when you are the only female in the house!)  

The best thing for me?  The fact that it goes in BEFORE your laundry...
Just add your detergent, throw them in there and then add your laundry... I ALWAYS seem to forget to go back and add softener, so this works great as to eliminate that step at the end!!!
See how easy it is?
Just throw it in to start and then forget about it!!!
With back to school almost here, this is going to be a great help around here...
As I said, I love the smell of clean clothes and knowing that I can add a product, without adding an extra step is awesome to me!   

What do you think?
Do you like having it convenient to add at the start of the wash?


  1. That does look pretty easy to do. I bet your clothes smell nice. Since Mica's skin is sensitive I have to use stuff with no scent.

  2. I love Scent boosters, especially in the towels!


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