Get #Back2School HAPPY with Kidz Bop 26

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While some kids might have all sorts of moves, Broxton was blessed to have some - or at least he is confident he has them... and I know they did not come from me... I have NO moves at all.  Ha ha ha...
Normally, as soon as he hears music, he is dancing and singing and having a blast..
The latest song he loves?
Thanks to a certain movie, he has heard it on there and now whenever he hears it, he starts singing and dancing!  I love it and I love to try and build his confidence in his dancing ability, too many times people are quick to comment and then the kids stop having fun - not around here they aren't!!!
We were lucky to find out that his K-4 teacher last year actually had "dance party Friday" where she would play music and the kids would sing and dance and have a blast.  I love it!!!!

As soon as I saw "HAPPY" on the latest Kidz Bop playlist, I knew that it was something he was going to love... and then I saw "Best Day of My Life" and knew we would be singing together even more... Then- I - Saw- It... Number 15... Let It Go.  OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be honest, since we have had the CD, we have mostly had song number 2 on constant repeat - I had never heard Timber before, but we love it and it makes me happy to see him so animated!
If you have a younger kid (or even just don't want your kids of any age listening to nasty words) you will love this... There is no worry that you will hear any profanity and it just makes it cute to hear kids singing the songs you hear on the radio!   Although, you can guess the faces you will get when you are blasting it and your 16 year old hops in the car!    

Of the songs on the Kidz Bop 26, which is popular at your house now?


  1. We don't listen to any of those really. When one child will not let something go, we start singing Let it Go.

  2. lol at Alissa!! My son loves Kidz Bop. LOVES it. He plays his CDs quite a bit. I think he was getting them in happy meals at one point? I could be wrong (old age taking over, I guess because I can't remember). :)

    1. We love it ---
      Broxton calls it his "kids music" and I LOVE that I don't have to worry about it having all the nasty words in there...
      The 13 year old was in the car and was like "wow, it is TOTALLY different from the radio" because it was actually CLEAN


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