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What time is it??
Back to school time!  It seems like the summer has FLOWN BY and now here we are... School starts soon and this mommy has shed a few tears already... Nothing like getting your one and only ready for kindergarten.  Such a fun milestone, but also an emotional one too......  Make the transition easier with a little help from the Bubble Guppies!  

Available July 29th, this DVD is a must have for any Bubble Guppies fans...
Want to know why?
It  is full of great episodes that they will love, but it also includes the music video "PENCIL CASE!"  -- You know you have that song in your head now, if yall ever watch Bubble Guppies!     You have to love they spoof Lady Gaga!!!!  
Bubble Guppies: Get Ready For School! Synopses:
Get Ready for School!
Oona’s worried about her little friend, Avi! It’s his first day of school and he’s nervous. From cubbies to free play, the Guppies show viewers the ropes and teach them about school.
Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!
The Bubble Guppies have a substitute teacher, Mr. Grumpfish, and he doesn’t seem to like anything! It’ll take a lot for the kids to convince Mr. Grumpfish that their favorite things are worth singing about!
Good Hair Day!
Gil’s hair grew really long and he better get it cut soon, because today is Picture Day. But when Gil arrives at the hair salon, he sees that everyone in town wants to get haircuts, too! Watch and discover if Molly and the Guppies can work together to help a busy hairdresser give everybody fabulous new ‘dos in time for the photo.
Check It Out!
Gil lost his library card while returning his favorite books to the library. Gil and his Guppy friends will have to dive into all of Gil’s favorite books to find it again.
Construction Psyched!
Goby needs help from the Bubble Guppies to retrace his steps and find his lost toy dump truck at a construction site before a wild bucking bulldozer crushes it!
The Moon Rocks!
Blast off with the Bubble Guppies – it’s time to learn all about the solar system!


  1. It's certainly a cute illustration! Anything to jump start school.

  2. We need Check It Out. We lost that book not long ago (left it at the restaurant and no one turned in it). It's kind of the same track. :)


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