Big Fun This Christmas! Collectors Edition!!! @LincolnLogsKNEX #MakingMyList

Christmas brings so many cool new toys for us to play with and so many great memories of playing, learning and building!  I love getting Broxton gifts that is not only exciting to play with, but also gifts that get that brain working!  Building and thinking, learning and laughing... Isn't that what childhood is about?  
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 Broxton got a nice big box of Lincoln Logs for Christmas and he was in heaven.  He loved them and watching him play is so much fun!  He even was able to talk his Papa into getting on the ground and playing with him once!!!   Well, he is going to be in total shock this year!  Little does he know that he will be getting a Collectors Edition Homestead!  This is AWESOME!  

The BIGGEST Lincoln Logs set ever created - over 330 parts, including real wood Lincoln Logs, just like you remember!  Includes a frontiersman figure, 2 horses and a buildable covered wagon that really moves.  Packaged in a beautiful, silver-accented tube for durable storage.  For ages 3+.  Suggested Retail Price is $99.99.  

Of course I had to open it up and see what all was inside.  I hate when you purchase things that are packaged huge but are then almost empty.. that was not the case with this.  I actually put the bigger logs nice and neat in the bottom, stacked up.. then threw the other stuff on top.  I think when clean up is left to a 5 year old, he won't be so neat about it, so the little bit of room left over will quickly be filled!    
I will point out the wagon on here...  (Please don't notice my roof coming off,  Ha ha ha ... I got sidetracked with the wagon and didn't realize I messed up the roof for the picture!)  Anyways, we have a couple sets... but have never had the wagon before, so when I saw this one with the horses, I was thrilled!  He is going to love it!
With Lincoln Logs, I love the history.. They were founded in 1916!  Besides that, it was a toy that MY DAD played with, so he passed the love to my son...   He loves them and I love that it is not just a toy, but it lets him build... and it lets his creativity shine!  He has used this to make different houses for battle with his soldiers, he and his daddy set up camp grounds and so much more!  As I said, its not just the toy that is the gift, it is the memories of playing with them!    

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  1. 4 kids and I never had Lincoln Logs in the house. I'm missing out, huh!!

  2. My parents still have our Lincoln Logs from when we were kids. :)

  3. We totally played with Lincoln Logs at the same time as the Tinker Toys! Theirs were the real deal and originals!

  4. I had Lincoln logs as a kid and loved them. I like you could build so many different things with them.

  5. I love toys that encourage creative thinking. Tinker toys have been around for a long time and are still such a great toy!

  6. My parents still have these. The grand kids get them out to play with them.

  7. I used to play with these all the time at my grandparents house. I would love to get them for my son for Christmas.

  8. I adore Lincoln Logs, we used to have a lot of them when I was a kid in a huge wooden box.


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