Did you keep a detailed baby journal?

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Would you like for me to admit one of my first #MomFails?  
Okay... I was all determined to be the best mom ever... and I was going to write in Broxton's baby book.  Documenting everything and making sure he had a fully filled out book, since I did not have one.  (Yes, I had a baby book - but many blank pages)  Well, lets say that he is 5 years old now and that baby book,  I am not even sure where it is now, but I know there are many a blank page in there too,  Probably more than in mine, since I got what I thought was the best baby book out there...  
Looking back, I think I got the wrong one.  
When I saw that Anne Geddes had a baby journal available, I wanted to check it out. Remember, everyone seems to be having babies... I wanted to see what this looked like for any gift giving idea's I might need.  

As soon as you see the photo on the cover, you immediately notice a smile creeping over your face.  (At least that was what happened to mine!)  

I love this book!  
Of course, you get lots of the beautiful photo's that you come to expect from Anne Geddes... But the book itself?  Great.  It is simple without being boring.  You get to write details (that you will want to know and remember) without feeling like you have to write down a whole book each time you open it.  I loved how for each month it gives a page with the height/weight/ what makes you smile things like that...  and there are PLENTY of pages for photographs!  Lots and Lots of Photographs!  

If you are looking for a great baby gift, make sure you check out the Baby Journal from Anne Geddes.  Hope you love it as much as I did!  


  1. I did try journaling the baby years.
    I know Anne's work. Very good gift idea!

  2. That is a cute book, love that it has her pictures throughout. My kids all have baby books so full I ran out of room to keep writing, lolol.

  3. I was really good for the first 6 months, and then I kind of failed after that.


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