When, When, When Will It Be Christmas? @SterlingBooks

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If you remember, we started the tradition of the book countdown as we start the month of December...  I mix in new and old books and each night we open one up to see the book inside.  I normally just have a big stack of books and he can pick whichever one he wants... but after reading the book, When, When, When will it be Christmas? I decided that I will number this one as first and it will kick off our book countdown!   
Broxton is learning to read and the repetition of this book is a great way to help him out. 
This book starts with red birdies and red berries...  looks like they are getting the decorating taken care of!   Then we see the white mice and not only are they decorating, they are also working on a cake!  "But when, when, when will it be Christmas? Soon, soon, soon."  As the pages turn, we see all of the excitement leading up to Christmas... with the Christmas play to follow!  But hurry up, get some sleep... it is Christmas Eve!  

This was a cute one with lots of rhyming words and repetition.  Perfect for a new reader to work on and a great book to add to our Christmas countdown!   


  1. Sounds like a fun book for the kids :)

  2. My son has started asking me when it will be December. I suspect Christmas is linked to his question. ;) The book sounds cute!

  3. Great book! As a teacher and mom, I love this!


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