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The Night Before Christmas brings several traditions to our house.  I don't really remember any "traditions" growing up, just a routine we had each year...  We would go to my Mema and Grandaddy's house, then come home and do Christmas with my parents and brother.  The next day (Christmas) we would go to my Grandma's house and do Christmas with her.  Now that I am married and we don't live near home to go to those events, we have started making our own traditions. Broxton bakes cookies for Santa, we put out reindeer food for the reindeer and starting this year. we are going to read The Night Before Christmas.  It is going to be the last book in our Christmas Countdown of books.... 
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We were sent a copy of The Night Before Christmas, you know it... the poem that many people can recite... Well, this book  is beautifully illustrated with detail to the magical touches that make this book and the whole spirit of Christmas a magical thing.  To the twinkle in Santa's eyes to the inviting colors of his suit, it makes me want to tell Santa a couple items on my Christmas list!   I do enjoy that the illustrations in this book are more like a painting and the crisp lines of an illustration aren't in here.  Although it is a colorful book, it isn't "cartoonish" like some tend to be!  I think that this book with the illustrations mentioned above would be a great one to give to a new family.  As a way to let your gift live year after year and for them to start a family tradition of their own!  


  1. My favorite. And if the illustrations on the inside are anything like the coer, I bet they look awesome!

  2. A classic and so fun--my son would really enjoy this!


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