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Just in time for all the excitement of Disney's latest movie, Big Hero 6, we were sent another wonderfully illustrated book from Disney Publishing.  This book is called Hiro and Tadashi and it gives us a brief introduction to all of the characters we will meet in the movie.
As a parent that has seen the movie, I will say that the book really doesn't make sense... but if you have a younger kid (or if you are NOT like me in that I always point out when I notice things not making sense in moves / television shows.)
You might be wondering what I mean...
Well, in the movie (which we saw and it is a great one... lots of excitement and robots!  But remember, I warned you it is a tear-jerker)  we see Hiro going with his brother for the first time to the school and that is where he meets the team for the first time...   that is also where he learns that one of the guys he looks up to in the robotics world is actually a teacher there...  Well, this book is supposed to take place before the movie... but he already knows the team and the teacher.  (So that is what I meant about it not making sense...)
I will say that I read it to Broxton and he didn't even think about that, so maybe it is just me... 
I would not let it deter you from getting it for a young reader.. Just wanted to give you a heads up!  
I did love that this book shows Hiro and Tadashi and their brotherly bond.  It also shows that they choose to work TOGETHER to make things even more awesome.  Talk about a great bond and a good story!  
I hope you plan on giving at least ONE book to someone you love this year, maybe this would be it!  


  1. That looks like a fun read. You can read it before going to the movie!

  2. We always give books...to each other, to the kids, to our friends... to our friend's kids even sometimes, lol. You and I share that passion for good reading. :) Glad your son liked this one!

  3. We saw the movie last weekend and really enjoyed it. I had no idea there was a book. Interesting that is does not follow like movie.


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