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Seems like everyone is going on strike, or asking for more money these days!   Even the reindeer at the North Pole think that things need to change!!   Guess the cookies and milk for Santa and the carrots and treats for the Reindeer just were no longer cutting it anymore! 
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So, what is the big deal this year?  Well... in The Great Reindeer Rebellion, we learn that all the reindeer told Santa that they were tired of pulling his sleigh and that they were all on strike until things changed.  Of course Santa was a bit worried, but then he realized it was a super special job to get to do that and make Christmas come true for boys and girls all over the world...  He then sent out his elves to place HELP WANTED posters for them to come and apply to pull Santa's sleigh... The animals turned up like crazy, excited to get to help in such a special event! (Not every day can you say you helped pull of Christmas!)    The only problem was that they just did not work.  The dogs smelled treats and went the wrong way, the cats got sidetracked by a mouse running around and the elephants?  Oh my... they were great.... until they made the roof cave in!  Just imagine, 8 elephants hanging out on your roof while Santa delivers the gifts!  What?!
You will need to read the book to see what ends up happening.. but as we all know, Christmas was saved and Santa was able to deliver presents.  (At least he made it to our house last year... what about yours?)  


  1. I think I'm going to start reading one Christmas book a night. This book looks cute!

  2. Looks like a festively fun read for kids this holiday season.

  3. My son would really enjoy reading this with me.


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