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What do you buy the person who has everything they really need or want?  I feel like Christmas shopping is so much easier with kids, since they can just tell you what all they want, but once you get older, the gifts are at times harder to buy for.. Sure, I know lots of things I would love to purchase, but then financially I know I can't do it, so that is where things get difficult!  
I love finding one of a kind gifts and seeing the expression on the faces of the recipient!  

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

 I was recently introduced to a new product...   board games out of chocolate!  Yes!!!   They are called GamesforMotion and I really feel like they have all the different games covered!  Looking for scrabble? Check!  Twister?  Check!  Monopoly?  Check!  Candyland? OF COURSE!   (They even have Poker!)   So, you might be a bit curious as to what exactly a chocolate game is...  Let me explain, with our experience playing Candy Land!
Please note, I have never actually played the board game Candy Land before, so I can not compare it to that... but I will say that after playing GamesForMotion Candy Land version, Broxton wants the real one for Christmas!  
With Candy Land, we set up the "board", it was a poster (that he now wants to hang in his room because he thinks it is so cool!)  Then we got our game pieces ready - they were cardboard cut outs.
Finally, we started playing the game, with each person taking a piece of chocolate when it was their turn and moving to where the wrapper told them to move.  Once the game was over, the winner got a big gold chocolate coin and you were free to eat all of the chocolate pieces you had collected during the game.  We ended up putting all the chocolate back in the box and just enjoyed a couple pieces of it from time to time.
We had a great time playing the game... Even got the big brother to play!  Who can turn down chocolate???   This was a great time for us, not only did we have a great game to play, we had fun making memories and then we even got to eat CHOCOLATE when it was over!  Win-Win! 
If you are looking for a great, one of a kind gift this year, why not check out the chocolate games at GamesForMotion?  Any chocolate fan will Love It!  Talk about a winner when you pull this out for family game night!!!  


  1. Definitely a great idea! My family got the chocolate monopoly one year and had fun with it :)

  2. A game w/real candy. Ha! that is cool. :)


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