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I will admit that I am pretty hard to shop for.  First of all, I do not want anyone buying me any clothes...  Shoes?  I am picky about that as well.  Last year, my wish list was a juicer... (I got it by the way, but not into juicing. just seems like a waste of the rest of the fruit/ veggies.)  I love lotions and potions and things of that nature, but then my family isn't one that is going to go to the mall and shop. It needs to be a small in and out store... or better yet, a link to a website.  
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Since I follow many blogs, I have noticed that people kept talking about this candle ( I LOVE candles) that comes with a ring in it.  I thought that would be a great gift... and of course, I wanted to see for myself.  I was lucky enough to get to review a Diamond Candle and yep...   It is pretty neat! Hard to believe this hasn't been popular way before now!  

What makes Diamond Candles so special?
Diamond Candles is on a mission to make home fragrance fun. We combine the scents of premium 100% soy candles with an exciting and fun RINGREVEAL™ experience. Our candles are handmade in Durham, NC and we release fresh, fruity, floral and exotic scents all year long.
Inside every deliciously fragrant Ring Candle, you’ll discover a surprise $10 ring packaged with a special code. Enter your code on our RINGREVEAL™ website to reveal if you’ve discovered a ring worth $100, $1000, or $5000. Lucky winners will choose their ring’s style and size from our exclusive ring collection.
Want to see for yourself? Watch our RINGREVEAL™ videos or go ahead and take the plunge and get your first Ring Candle today. Don't forget to share a picture of your ring on Facebook and Instagram with #DiamondCandles and #RingReveal to be a part of the Diamond Candles story.
I was sent an amazing smelling candle for review.  It was a beautiful shade of blue and the smell was to die for.  I immediately lit it ...  The candle I reviewed?  

 Tropical Retreat -  With a hint of the Caribbean, a blend of green bananas, coconuts, oranges & grapefruits takes your nose on a vacation of a life time - right from inside your home! On this journey to paradise, Tropical Retreat is sure to relax you.

This candle was amazing!  It smelled great and had the whole room taking me on a tropical journey... Although it was cold outside, my mind had me headed to the beach.  You know how a scent just takes you there?  That was what was happening here!   I think I will be giving a few of these out this holiday season.  Think about it, they get a beautiful looking and smelling candle as a gift... with a ring inside... then, they can head to the Ring Reveal Website to see if they have won a special ring!   Kinda cool!  Make sure you head on over to see what all other scents they have available!   They have a way for you to choose your ring based upon the color or scent.  They even have special candles such as Happy Anniversary, Its a Boy/Girl and many more!  


  1. I have always wanted to get one of these candles. The candle you have is a pretty color and I can only imagine how could it really smells.

  2. I've been trying to convince my boyfriend to get me one of these for a while now. Awesome that you got to try one out!

  3. I have always wanted to try one of these! I have seen people post pictures of some cool things won from them!

  4. Now this is different, I could see my kids digging the wax to reach the jewelry

  5. I won one last year and gifted it. I want one now for me. :)

  6. These candles are so lovely! I want one for Christmas too!

  7. This would make a great gift! Who doesn't love candles? Plus you could find a valuable surprise! Not just any ordinary candle. I like this idea a lot.


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