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I don't know when or how it happened.. but my little baby boy turned into a "Big Kid" and he seems to think he is grown most days.  I know he is still my sweet baby, but now he is into scary things (he wanted to be a scary thing for Halloween, but I would not let that happen. He couldn't wear it to Trunk or Treat at Church, so he was too young to be it any other way! That was my reasoning and it worked for me!)  The thing is, I know he is growing up and as much as I want to keep my sweet baby young and innocent, I do realize he is growing up!  
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If you were here the other day, you saw the awesome giveaway I have going for NFL TeenyMates in a collectors tin. We have loved their products and Broxton has several of their toys around the house... The email I got introducing me to their newest line, Teeny Freaks, had me knowing that Broxton was going to want them as soon as he saw them!
The great thing about it, is they are "freaky" but they are not freaky/scary.  So, that passed mama's approval!   I will admit I think I was just as excited as he was... and I was quick to give them to him, just so I could check them out!  
The Teeny Freaks are 2 sided little characters.. One side is the "normal" side with the other side being the "freaky" one.  I thought they were great and the above photo shows just what I am talking about.  

As with all the "Teeny" toys, they come in a foil pack ,letting you have the excitement of seeing what you get when you open your bag.  They also include puzzle pieces, so you can work towards completing the whole puzzle. Broxton thought they were the coolest things and he has already asked when we can go for him to buy more!  I really wanted to get the Ghoul Scout and Heavy Metal!  I am crossing my fingers they are in our next packs!  
If you have a "freaky" kid, this would be an awesome stocking stuffer, gift bag item or even a gift topper if you want it to stand out!  
-TeenyFreaks are available in the impulse section at Target stores nationwide
-They can be purchased online at


  1. That little foil bag is fun, my son likes not knowing what he's getting until it's opened. :)

  2. Too dang cute! I used to love those Garbage Pail Kids when I was little. Kind of reminds me of that in a way!

  3. I don't know about you, but I think those are pretty strange.

  4. I have never seen or heard of these before. Not sure if my son has either, but he might like them.


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