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Having a 6 year old son, you can only imagine the different phases that we go through with entertainment around here.  I am so excited that he is at the stage now where he loves family game night / day.  There are some weekends where he wakes up wanting to play different games and you better believe that we enjoy them over school breaks too!  It doesn't have to be a game NIGHT for us to have fun, we make it a great time day and night!!!!  (We might still call it game night, even if the sun is shining!)  He has spotted several games that he really wants to have this year and who am I to say no to the bonding moments that I get when he requests games instead of individual play?

Being online, I have seen a few games that he has not seen in stores and I am really crossing my fingers that Santa will bring one or two of them to him this Christmas!  The first game I want to share with you is a pretty physical one called, Crazy Legs!!  
Let's be honest here...  The colors alone on the packaging grab your attention to at least see what the excitement is all about!  Then you see it says "KID FRIENDLY YOGA POSES AND EXERCISES!" Hello! You have totally grabbed by attention for real!   What is inside this box????
Flip it over to the back and you see that it is a board game, complete with a game board, game pieces and even a spinner!   
Basically is goes like this:   Youngest starts first, spin and move. Land on an action space, complete the action (actions include: the wave, move back, move forward, crazy dance, get up, wheelbarrow and everybody change seats.)    If you don't land on an action space, you land on one of two colors. Yellow = Yoga and Blue = Exercise.  There is a stack of cards for you to draw for yoga or exercise and then you complete the task.  

I think that this is going to be a fun game for us at home, but I also think it would make a great classroom gift!  Think about the rainy days, or even the days it is too hot / cold.   This would make indoor recess a bit more enjoyable to the kiddos!  (At least let them burn some energy!)  

Let me know, doesn't this sound like a good time???


  1. That does sound like a fun game. I can see it in the classroom too!

  2. Anything to keep them moving. Especially during the winter time. It's so cold here, they can't go out to play.

  3. I love fun games! This would make a great gift.


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