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We normally have the TV on for at least back ground noise at all times when we are home. I love it because at the most random times, I see that Broxton is watching and picking up something new and that makes it so exciting.  it is more than just entertainment, it is educational too!  
Check out two new titles from PBS that does just that: 

I am still fairly new to Odd Squad, but I know that Broxton LOVES watching this show and it is teaching him math.  His teachers all talk about how well he does in math, so it can't be hurting him to see this one!   

I know that Savannah is still a bit young, but I remember Broxton used to enjoy watching Word World, to see that they make the show with words in the illustrations, well that just amazes me and I love it.  Building Readers?  I think so!   

I have loved PBS for some time now.  The programming they share with us is always fun and educational and honestly, if I am going to have tv on for "background noise" I like when this is the "noise" we get to hear and then learn from!


  1. I loved Word World for Isaak. I wish it was on for Mica!


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