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When you are six years old, it is pretty easy to name different things you want to put on your Christmas list. Actually, his list really isn't that long at all this year, (surprised me!)  but it was pretty specific.  He wants toy guns! Imagine that, all the little ones that I know love pretend play like that.  He actually used to have a water gun type thing for the bathtub, but I made him get rid of it, since it was making more of a mess than I was prepared for! 
Well, I did not want to get a gun that he was going to want to be shooting all over the house, but I think that Santa might have found a pretty good idea for him!  

Bug Attack from the ZURU product line!!!!   It is a rapid fire blaster that comes with 8 soft dart type ammo rounds.  (The blaster holds 6 at a time, so you have 2 extra for reloading.)  You simply pull back the orange tab (seen at the top back, in the above photo.)  then you pull the trigger and it releases it!   Simple, yet powerful!  I love that you are shooting bugs with this one, so there is no issue with pointing it at the wrong object.  
The Bug Blaster comes with 2 bugs in the original set.  You can purchase extra ones if you would like.  I think these bugs are just too funny.  I tried to put them on our wall to take a picture for you guys, but they move too fast!  I think this is great and I bet that Broxton is going to have a blast (no pun intended) playing with this!   

These are sold at select stores, so make sure to click the WHERE TO BUY button on the site to see where you can purchase them at!  What is on your little ones Christmas list this year?  


  1. This looks like fun! Isaak likes things like this a lot!

    I had a K-Nex K-Force gun on Isaak's list. I texted my mom saying, "Scrap the 1st thing on Isaak's list. It's a gun. You won't want to buy it. I'm giving it as an idea for Aunt Terra to buy for him." My mom texted back saying, "Ok." Then she went and bought it anyway. I'm glad we talked about who bought who what at Thanksgiving. Ha


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