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It is so hard to find a great gift for several people in my family.  I admit that I am not the easiest to buy for either, but I can't help it.  When I am looking for gifts (for those on my list as well as to put on my list for people that are asking) I try to think of something special.  I want it to mean something and that is hard to do at times.
I was recently introduced to a company called " from you to me" that makes beautiful journals.  Now, you might be thinking, " I don't need any stinking journal!"  but when you see this book, I am pretty sure your mind will change.
They have journals for moms, dads, grandparents, kids, cooks and more!   I want to tell you about two that grabbed my attention: 
This journal is a book for you to give to the person in the Dear part.. (like above, this particular book is to give to your mom for her to answer about herself and then give it back to you.)  They also have books for other people as well.  This is a hard bound book that has plenty of space to answer each question.  The book is filled with questions such as wanting to know about the time and place of their birth.  It also asks about chores they did that are no longer necessary. ( I thought that was pretty neat!)  It even asks for happiest memories and what they would do if they won the lottery. This journal has a little of this and a little of that.  Each question is at the top of the page and then has the whole bottom left blank.  I am still torn on if I like it or not that the paper has no lines.  On the one hand, I like that it isn't lined, so you are not pressured to fill the page.  Then, on the other hand, I know I write at a slant, so lined paper will help me write neater.  The page opposite the question page is left blank.  You can use it to add photos, drawings or even write more if you would like.  There is no pressure to answer all the questions (it even says so in the front of the book!)  
I am totally in love with the Our Story Journal!  I got one for Broxton, but now I see I need to get one for Savannah as well.  This book is full of illustrations and prompts for you to fill out each page.  The great thing about this book?  You don't do it all at once.  This is a book you work on for just a little each year and then you give it to your son / daughter on their 18th birthday!  This has area's for things such as ailments that year, adventures that you would like to take in the upcoming year, hopes and dreams for the next year.  I think it is adorable and sure to be a great gift for a mom / dad to be!  

I was really impressed with the quality of the books!  I love that they are hard cover, I love that they don't appear to be cheaply made and each book also comes with a ribbon in it to serve as its bookmark!     Let me know, do you keep a journal?
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  1. It does look like they have great options. I love books. We had to get rid of some to make room for new ones. It was hard to part with them. We donated them to our local library.


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