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Has the world of YouTube and Minecraft and all that crazy stuff entered your house yet? Do you have a son (or daughter) that is in elementary school and talks about this all the time?  I know I am not alone, since I hear it 24/7 at my house and I hear ALL the kiddo's talking about it when I am at the school visiting.  It is crazy how things spread and become so popular for youngsters these days!!!  

It seems like it was just last year he was getting into watching these different You Tube Video's of all this minecraft stuff... Here we are now with him seeing the commercials for the Tube Heroes (the people on the videos he watches) and now he thinks he just has to have it all!   (He did recently get one of the DANTDM shirts and to say he has worn it once or twice is an understatement!) 
Please tell me you have heard of this....  Tube Heroes - Your Favorite Digital Celebrities!  
Broxton has a favorite with DAN TDM.  Now, I if I can find a way to have Dan TDM call and talk to Broxton, I might just win the mom of the century award!   FOR REAL.  It is that serious!!!!    Side note, he has been a very hard one to find in stores, let me tell you, we have been looking!  
This figure comes with his bone, club and shield.  
CavemanFilms Bio: 
When you enter the deep dark caverns so dark that not even light stands a chance... You lose all hope. You lose sense of direction and you lose your mind! CavemanFilms has many super powers to draw from and protect his subterranean kingdom. He can burrow at lightning speed, seeming to appear out of nowhere and be everywhere. His loyal subjects, that he calls "Dwellers" are devout and follow his every command. He can also summon the animals of the deep woods to his side. Wolves, Bears and every other of nature's beasts will come to his aid when needed. He wields a mighty club made of indestructible petrified Mammoth bone.
This figure comes with Jerry Slime, Slime Sword and his Shield.
CaptainSparklez Bio: 
The fastest Tube Hero of all. CaptainSparklez can split the atoms inside him, becoming pure energy. He is able to teleport from place to place, absorbing damage and dealing it back to his foes. Joined at all times by his trusted companion Jerry who has some super powers of his own. He can morph into any shape he can imagine allowing him to transform into CaptainSparklez' mythical Slime Sword!

Now let me warn you...
They have many different "heroes" for you to choose from.  Then, once you narrow down what hero will make the faces light up this holiday, you need to choose what actual product you want.  You can go with the action figures like the ones pictured above, or you can see about getting a plush figure. CaptainSparklez actually has the slime sword you can purchase too.  As I said, it keeps expanding, so make sure you take a good look to see what exactly you want to purchase!!!  I know if you have children into this as much as mine, you will be putting smiles on faces when they open this up this holiday!   


  1. I saw these at Target I think. They look like Minecraft characters. Kind of boxy like.


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