A book, a message and a meal!

I am so excited to share with you two new books that we have recently added to our library.  You know how much we love books and with Savannah getting to the age where she is bringing me books to read to her, I know that we will continue on this journey as long as I can!   The two newest books for us are actually from a local Atlanta author.  They are not your everyday kids books, so make sure to keep reading this post to learn more!  

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The first book we read was Charlie's Crumbly Problem.  This book follows a chunk of cheese as he goes to school for the day.  The only problem is that he leaves a trail of cheese crumbs wherever he goes.  He is so upset by it, since some people are getting frustrated with him.  Just wait until he meets Betty Butter and her crew!  
What Betty Butter says is awesome... and is something everyone can relate to, not just chunks of cheese!  She says, " Don't worry about what other people think. You have a talent. All you need to do is find a good use for it!"  Tell me that is not a great thing for someone to say to you?!  Yes, this book uses food as the characters, but the message is clear!  I LOVE IT!!!

The other book we were sent was Petey's Loaded Dream. This was actually the first book written in the series by the author, MaryJoe Jenkins.  As with Charlie, MaryJoe has the food as the main characters.  This introduces us to Petey (a potato with big dreams.)
Petey really wants to be a loaded baked potato, but as a small red potato, that just is not possible.  He looks up to the other bigger potatoes, since they are what he wishes he was.  Read the book to see how he is able to have his dream come true!  You just have to put your mind to it!   

Want me to tell you a really cool secret?  (Don't tell anyone, its just between us!)  Each of the books by MaryJoe Jenkins is a cute story that has a great message, but there is a HUGE BONUS... as you read the story, you are learning how to create something super tasty to eat.  At the end of the story, there is actually a recipe to show how to make what you just read about!   
Remember ol' Petey?  He was a small red potato that dreamed of being a big loaded baked potato?  Well, with the help of his friends, he got his wish!   He ended up being a bowl of loaded mashed potatoes!  How cute and fun is that????

This book is written for ages 3-7, but I know kids of all ages will enjoy it.  They have also pointed out that this is a great book for kids with special needs.  The only thing I wish was that it was more of a board book.  I know they cost more and seem more childlike, but since it has a recipe in it, I think it would hold up better with thicker pages.  All in all, we loved it and it was great to see how the story would go and what the end result would be.  

I think this would be fun to have for nightly reading, but also as a great way to have a family dinner cooked by your little one!    I can't wait to see what other dishes we get to create down the road!  


  1. Such a cute book. I like that it goes over food. There are so many picky eaters out there.

  2. Such a cute book. I like that it goes over food. There are so many picky eaters out there.

  3. ah it makes me want to make mashed potatoes for dinner. :)


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