How do you tailgate? Saturdays Down South #ThermoServ

Saturday's down south.  There really is nothing like it.  Football season is a season all in its own and if you grew up in the south, you really know what I am talking about. Weddings are planned based upon the college football team you root for playing or not that weekend. When we got married, we had to look and see when UGA was playing AND when LSU was playing.  I am pretty sure some that came to our wedding had earbuds in listening to the games that were on and not our vows.  We had our wedding and reception, but it was all over in time for everyone to get back to the hotel, change and get down to the "after party" to watch LSU play that night.  I kid you not, it is serious around here.
You might have a room decorated in the team colors with artwork to match, you might have dishes that are just for game days.  Maybe you have your "game day" wardrobe that you have to make sure is clean and ready to go come Saturday morning.  

FTC Compliant Review Policy:  The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

I was recently introduced to ThermoServ and we are in LOVE with the line.  We received both LSU and UGA items and talk about holding up well.  Yes, they do.  

The ThermoServ plates we received were the Melamine Collegiate Linen 10"dinner plates. It says they are dishwasher safe, but I was honestly a bit nervous about throwing it in the dishwasher.  Lets just say that they have been used to serve dinner like chicken and veggies, we have had pizza night on them and even just sandwiches.  Each time, they ended up in the dishwasher and they have held up great.  No cracking, no fading, no warping. They honestly look brand new like I just took them out of the box.  FYI - they also offer 8" salad plates, serving plates, platters and even bowls.  They will need to be on our list to purchase down the road.  I love the collegiate linen, but if you are more into the camo decor, make sure to check out their "realtree" line featuring many teams as well. Talk about having the ultimate weekend with these items! Just so you know, they do offer a great selection of college teams, I was happy they had both of mine (and quite a few of the rival teams!)  Head on over to see if they have yours!

Fast facts about the plates:
•         100% Melamine
•         Durable Construction
•         Made in America

•         $24.99 on Amazon

We were also sent the 24 oz Double Wall Tumbler.  I will admit that this has yet to go in the dishwasher. I use it as my water bottle. So, I wash it by hand and refill it.  I keep it filled and ready to go at all times.  I totally forgot to get pictures of this cup, so I am using the image from their website. 

This tumbler comes with a straw and the lid is great.  You can (remove the straw) and close the lid, or you can leave the straw in for drinking on the go.  (My cup is in the car, so I will snap a photo in a bit and post it to instagram for you to see!)  They also offer a tumbler in the camo print at either 20 oz or 32 oz.   If you are an avid coaster user (*my mom) you will be happy to know they also offer coasters!  

Fast facts about the tumblers:

•         Patented Design
•         Virtually Unbreakable
•         Keeps Drinks Cold
•         Reduces Condensation
•         Dishwasher Friendly
•         BPA Free
•         Made in America

•         $19.99 on Amazon

If college teams are not your theme, be sure to look and see the other products they offer. We gave the LSU tumbler to Broxton's teacher for a back to school gift.  She is a huge LSU fan, so Broxton was thrilled to give that to her.  He said she uses it as her cup in class every day. That makes him happy to see it being used!   

The products from ThermoServ would make great gifts for many occasions.
Friends hosting a watch party?  Hostess gift right here.

Just because?  Right here.
Christmas, birthday, Thanksgiving, Halloween.. you catch what I am saying?  Great gifts and they really hold up well!!!  Let me know, what team would you purchase? 

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  1. That is nice that she uses the cup in class. I like thoughtful teachers. I like football too. :)

  2. Those are great. My husband would like Nebraska Cornhusker plates. They probably don't have college teams though.

  3. Never mind my last comment I see they do have Nebraska. How fun. Usually places leave this state out.


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