Big Peppa Pig fans around here. Are you? #PeppaPigPacks

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I shared with you a few Peppa Pig activities earlier, but I guess I should ask again, are you familiar with Peppa Pig and her brother George?
If you are, I am right there with you, if you aren't and you have younger children... get ready, Peppa Pig is headed your way!!!  I am honestly not sure how we were first introduced to Peppa and George, but we fell in love with them from the very first time.  Whenever we see Peppa is on "the telly" we have to stop and watch to see what they are up to.  Honestly, there is just something about them that we all love. Yes, Broxton will sit and watch Peppa Pig with Savannah and he looks for Peppa Pig books for her when we go to the library.  It cracks me up how little kids pick up their language.  A friend mentioned her children spoke of going on holiday and others have made Peppa Pig comments as well.  I LOVE IT!!!!

One of the books Broxton got from the library had George not liking Salad. They ended up making it to look like his favorite animal, the Dinosaur, and he loved it!!! I think this is going to be a fun activity for us to do. (My kids love vegetables, I just think this will be fun!)  

Lucky for Savannah she was given a Peppa Pig book (that we read over and over again) and thanks to us working with Fox Home Insiders, she now has a few Peppa items for her lunches.  Now that she has a Peppa Pig lunch box and bag, Broxton wants her to go to school so she can use it.  Boy is he going to be in for a surprise when we show up for lunch with him one day and she has her cute little lunch bag.  (She has been sick off and on, so we have not made it yet!)
In excitement for the release of Peppa Pig - Sunny Vacation, we were sent a box full of goodies from Fox Home Insiders and we were lucky enough to share them with friends.  I wanted to show a few photos of it all.
Savannah thinks that the Peppa lunch box is a toy for her.  No lie, I am totally using one of the containers to be her hair bow storage, but we also use them at meal time too! ( Don't judge...  I love the little boxes and I don't have a better system at this time.  This way we get to see Peppa Pig in her room each day too!) 

Savannah loves her Peppa Pig lunch box.  We have used it as her plate at meal time and she loves that it is divided up for her different food items. I love that it has a lid (and a place for a fork, can't forget that)  so I can close it up for her to work on later.  

A friend coloring in her Peppa Pig coloring kit.  I love these, they have a snap to close the book and the colors stay with it as well!  AWESOME!  

A HUGE THANKS to my friends over at Fox for sending along the goodies for us to enjoy. Keep an eye out on Instagram, as you will see more and more of the fun stuff they sent us!  Please, make sure to add Peppa Pig - Sunny Vacation to your home DVD library collection.  Shh... they have another DVD headed our way soon!  Both are perfect to go under the tree this year!   (You can never start your Christmas shopping early!)


  1. I wish Peppa the Pig was around when my kids were younger. The characters are so cute. Isaak would have liked this - he loved boxes.


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