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Are you getting back into the routine of school these days?  We have been in a little bit now, but I know others are still starting back. I did not realize there was such a wide start date across the USA for school.  I don't know about you, but around here... Life gets crazy.  Hectic.  Chaos.  I try and stay organized, but it doesn't always work.  How do you do it?
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Broxton doesn't have a ton of homework, yet, but I know it is coming.  I see some of my friends talking about their kids having HOURS of homework - IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. What?  I don't get it.  I am so thankful we don't have that issue yet.  He has a little homework each night and then if he doesn't finish something from the day, (or doesn't have it neat) his teacher sends it home to be taken care of and sent back.  I totally get that.  

We went to visit one of the older brothers in his new college apartment.  One thing we took him was an academic planner.  I loved planners when I was growing up, they really do help, in my opinion.  He said he already had one, but as soon as he started flipping the pages, he decided that he would be using the one I received for review from Order out of Chaos.  He said it looked more organized and nicer than the one he bought.  (Score points for me there!) As I said, Broxton doesn't have much homework, but I kept the smaller planner for me.  It is perfect to keep for me to try and stay sane. I can use it for Broxton's school things (Hello Spirit nights, picture day, school functions and now we have moved into the age of SCHOOL PROJECTS!)  I can also use it to organize my MOPS events and even things with Savannah.  

Perfect for any age student.  This book has a spiral binding that allows you to fold over the book to be one page instead of having to leave it as a 2 page layout. (That is always a HUGE deal for me!) The front of the book has where you can put the student information, in case the book were to be misplaced.  It also has a section for you to put your school schedule in there.  I know I always needed that to remind me where to go and when, especially at the early part of each semester! 

I really like how each date has lines to let you know what you need to do for what subject.  I have a hard time writing straight, so the lines are always a big plus to keeping it nice and neat.  The squares in each corner allow you to check off when you complete an item!  YAY!!!! FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!

The Academic Planner has a couple of different covers and 2 different sizes to order from.
As I said, I gave on to R for him to use at college, it was the letter sized (8 1/5 x 11)  I kept the smaller one for our household.  It says it is a personal size (8 1/4 x 8 1/5) I love that it is small enough to throw in my purse, but large enough that my big handwriting has room to use it!

Just in case you think your children might have an issue with Time Management, don't worry.  Order out of Chaos also has a book and a study clock to help you get things on the right track. Make sure you head on over to see what they have and what can help in your household.


  1. We used Mica's the whole summer. They put in a year, so we continued using it through the summer. :)


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