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The holidays have you rushing around like crazy yet??   Maybe you are working on last minute shopping, getting ready to have people at your house or even getting ready for holiday parties and what not at school for the kids.  You might not think you have time to stop and eat, but you can grab a healthy snack to munch on.  We have been enjoying crunchies freeze dried fruits around here.  As you know, Marc takes his lunch to work most days, so this is a nice addition for him as well.  

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We actually packed a couple packs of Crunchies when we went "camping" one night.  Savannah was quickly claiming the banana and strawberries as her favorite.  The pineapple is AMAZING and I will totally tell you that I hid the bag so that I did not have to share the rest with anyone.  Marc loves all the rest of them and I do too.  One of Broxton's buddies older brother saw a post of mine on instagram and wanted to know if they were really that good.  I sent him a bag and he loved them too... To say it is a better option than other snacks I would normally grab makes me not mind having them to snack on during the day!   

The flavors they offer range from beets (not for me, Marc likes them) to grapes (must try) to pineapple (if a box showed up on my door, I would be thrilled) and several more.  These are not like other dried fruits that you might have tried in the past, these are loaded with flavor!   

A little about Crunchies (from their site:)

We are the only freeze-dried fruit company who owns their supply chain from field to fork. We source fruit directly from farmers who grow it.

Our food is pure – nothing but fruit from farmers who we know and trust.

We know many healthy snacks don’t taste that great, so we place an extra focus on the taste of our food. We ensure a crunchy, fruity flavor burst in every bite.


We like to keep things simple, from our food to our packaging. By giving you a convenient “no hassle, no mess – perfect on-the-go snack,” we hope to inspire you to rethink the way that you snack.

Head on over to the Crunchies site and let me know which fruit you would most like to try that they offer.  Also let me know if there is a fruit you would like to try that you did not see.  


  1. Mango for sure! That's my favorite dried fruit. I just love it.

  2. I haven't heard of them. I'd like to try most any flavor. Lemon would be good, and apricot. I bet I'd like that pineapple you like too!


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