No worries, Just pass on the kindness! #CarasKindness by @kristiyamaguchi

Being kind really isn't that hard, but it seems that in the world today, it is harder and harder to find people that are actually being kind. We were sent a great book by Kristi Yamaguchi that shows how a little bit of kindness can spread and even come back to you when you least expect it ! 
What happened to everyone being kind in the world? I know we should do it more often, but during November and December, we try and do random acts of kindness when we can.  It can be something like letting someone go in front of you in line, or buying someones meal. It can be spreading cheer when you can.  If you follow me on Instagram, you see that recently my mom heard of the needs our homeless shelter was dealing with.  Without being asked, she went to the store and bought blankets, pillows and more for them,  Just because she could.  That is the example I want to be able to show my kids.

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The book, Cara's Kindness is a great one for both boys and girls.  It follows a cat named Cara as she tries to find the perfect song.  She spreads kindness to a friend and the message is clear: " No worries, just pass on the kindness!"  Another thing I noticed?  The friends care about each other... and especially Cara.  As each friend sees her, they ask if she has found the right song.  See... they care about more things than themselves!   

When you pass on some kindness, it might make its way back to you...
Cara the Cat is struggling with picking the perfect song for her new ice-skating routine. But when a friend in need turns up at the rink, Cara drops everything to lend a helping hand. All she asks is that he pay it forward! Before long, Cara’s kindness is passed all around…and might even make its way back home.
Kristi Yamaguchi is an ice-skating Olympic gold medalist and world champion who knows how to lend a helping hand! As founder of the Always Dream Foundation, Kristi helps promote early childhood literacy. Through her newest picture book, Kristi inspires children of all ages to pay it forward!

Do you try and do acts of kindness?


  1. Kindness does always make its way back to you. And oh my goodness what a cutie on the cover!


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