Holiday Cards from Shutterfly has EVERYONE taken care of!

If you are anything like me, you love receiving Christmas cards in the mail.  I know many people now just send a text or a general facebook message, but the cards mean the most to me.  I have always been that way, as a kid, I loved looking at all the cards we got and my mom would hang them up around the house. When I moved out on my own, I did the same.  It seems like technology is taking that away from us now too... But not at my house!  Now that I have a family, I absolutely LOVE sending cards with our photos on it to loved ones near and far.  Thanks to Shutterfly, I get a great selection to choose from to make it just perfect for us!  

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If you remember, Marc has older boys from before our marriage.  It is hard enough getting a good photo with our two children, but to get one of everyone is impossible.  Luckily for everyone, Shutterfly has you covered with a great selection of holiday cards!!!!  If you don't want pictures on your card, they offer that.  If you want one with a group shot, they can handle that and if you want one with LOTS and LOTS of pictures, they can most certainly handle that too!  We normally do the one with multiple images, since that is the easiest way to get everyone on it! ***They offer a "use my photo" button where you can see your photos in there to make sure it is the card that is perfect for you before you go making it personalized!  Now, I am not going to post our card on here yet... They have not been mailed out!  I will share on Instagram closer to Christmas though!  

One of the many options that Shutterfly has.  This one has 6 spots for photos, your message and even the initial of your last name.  Talk about making it unique just for your family! 
This is one of the card that has a single image on it.  The kicker on these???  They are foil stamped!!! Yes,gorgeous!  Certain cards have certain colors available.  You can pick between red, gold, silver and now they are offering ROSE GOLD.  (They also offer glitter holiday cards too!  Look, I am telling you, they have a LOT to offer!)  
Did you know that Shutterfly even offers cards that are ornaments.  I think this is such a cute idea. You can add photos if you like. There is space on the back for a custom message.  I love the fact that it comes with the ribbon ready to hang it on the tree!  (We might be looking at these for next year!) 

All in all, I love Shutterfly.  I think the quality is amazing.  Knock on wood, but I have never had any issues in anything I have ever ordered.  I feel that these cards are made of high quality paper so that they will last for years and years to come.  I love going back and looking at the picture cards we have received over the years!  

Have you ordered cards yet?  Do you do photo cards?  


  1. I used to be so good about sending out cards. Now I just don't. It's a dying tradition, which is such a shame! I do love Shutterfly. I use them all of the time.


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