Check out the Netflix show, Spirit Riding Free (We love it!)

You know, its funny how kids gravitate towards things.  I am not sure how or why, but Savannah has fallen in love with horses. I am not sure how she came to love them, but she does.  When I heard they were releasing a show "Spirit Riding Free" on Netflix, I knew I would be checking it out to see what Savannah thought about it.
This new show came out on Netflix May 5, 2017.  We decided to watch the first episode and Savannah was HOOKED!  She wouldn't even sit to watch it, she just stood right there and watched the whole episode!  

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Each episode of Spirit Riding Free will be filled with frontier adventures and fun -- from inclement weather like flash floods and blizzards, to human malfeasance from train robbers and banditos, to kid-centric capers like treasure hunts and secret sleepovers. And some stories will even be told from the horses’ point of view!

Even the most action-packed episodes will be grounded in the emotional realities of being a kid -- stories that will resonate with any kid, anywhere, in any era, whether they go to a one-room country school house or a mega modern high school; stories about fitting in, finding your place, figuring out who you are and who you want to be, and all the other weird, wonderful, alarming, and amazing parts of growing up.

Spirit Riding Free is a coming-of-age story for Lucky, but also, in a very different way, for Spirit. Over the course of the series, each will realize their truest selves. Lucky will learn she is far more than just a city girl with a wild streak, and Spirit will learn that his freedom is only as real as the choices he can make. Together Spirit and Lucky will illustrate both sides of the same theme: only by doing, can we truly become what we are meant to be.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram. I was sent a great package with fun activities for us to do in celebration of "Spirit Riding Free." I will post images on there for you to see. (Even a picture of Savannah with her new horse, Boomerang!)
Isn't it a cute box???  Savannah saw it and immediately wanted the box.  She sat all ready knowing it had to be a surprise for her inside it!  

Our activity box included friendship bracelets, a picture frame and even a journal!   We were so excited about it all!  She quickly claimed the plush horse and the bandanna as soon as she saw it! 

Do you have any fun activities or crafts you like to do with your friends?  


  1. I think I'd like this. Sometimes I wish we would have tried for a girl. Then she'd get into totally different things than the boys - like this show. Who know she could have been a tom boy, and only liked boy things.

  2. Over and over I keep wishing I have a netflix account

  3. Wow! This collection is perfect! My daughter will turn 5 this year and I guess this would be a perfect present for her. I have also gift wrapped the series by Andy Yeatman for her. She loves getting such presents. I am glad I came across this post at the right time.


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