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When I first moved to Atlanta a million years ago, my first apartment had smelly water.  That meant I would only drink bottled water and would never use the ice from the ice machine.  Fast forward to today and we are long out of that first apartment.  I also found that I could use a water filtration system and not have to constantly be buying water bottles.  For several years now, we have used the ZeroWater pitcher and I absolutely love it.

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ZeroWater isn't just a water filtration system.  They have such cool products!
Look at what they offer:
ZeroWater has pour pitchers that are available in 6, 10 or 12 cup sized.
They also offer a 23 cup dispenser.
Another product is their Tumbler on the Go.
Finally, you can buy a water meter separately so you can see what you are drinking.

We are trying to drink more water around here these days, so it is great to have our pitcher filled and ready to go!  I was also sent a tumbler and I am TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THAT!  I like having a drink, ready to go. Normally, I would grab a soda (or bottle of water) but now, I can just grab my tumbler and I am out the door.  If I run out of water, I can stop and fill up my drink at a water fountain and not have to worry about what I am drinking!!

This is a great idea for a Mothers Day gift...
Since life got a bit hectic, I was not able to post in time for Mothers Day, so head out and buy one for the mom in your life, but enter my giveaway for the man in your life. (Hey, no judgement here, keep it for yourself, you earned it! Life gets tough, I feel you!)

One winner will receive 12-cup Ready-Pour. 

Just enter the Rafflecopter form! 

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  1. I'll drink about 3 large glasses of water a day usually. If it's not filtered, I do grab for a bottle, but I prefer filtered from a faucet/pitcher.

  2. I drink about 4 glasses of water daily. I prefer bottled water.

  3. I drink lots of water a day, probably around 12 glasses or more. I prefer water from the faucet because I try to cut down on my plastic consumption.

  4. I drink 5 to 6 16oz bottles of water per day! My email is traciemcooper0515@gmail.com

  5. I drink at least 6 glasses per day and I love bottled water

  6. I drink about 5 glasses a day, I prefer bottled water.

  7. I find myself starting to drink more. I recently got one of these pitchers and they are amazing! The water tastes so fresh and clear and sweet to drink! It's perfect. Anyway, now I'm probably drinking about 6-8 glasses a day.

  8. I drink bottled water typically 3-4 a day. Town water from the faucet is nasty!

  9. I bring a 30 oz reusable water bottle every where with me; I drink it to zero twice a day. I use filtered ~ the water in my area is the hardest in my county.

  10. i drink about 3-4 water bottles per day, i hate our faucet water so would love something like this so i could stop buying water bottles.


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