Fun with the ABC Melody Maker from @LearningJourney

Savannah is at the age now where she is really getting into playing with her toys.  Of course, that means we have toys here, there and everywhere.  I was thrilled to see her excitement when the ABC Melody Maker arrived for her to play with! Are you looking for a great toy that not only provides fun, but is also educational?  Let me tell you about this, then!  

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 The ABC Melody Maker is an exciting electronic toy featuring five fun games sure to entertain your youngster. This colorful interactive unit features an activity selector that puts kids in charge of choosing their fun. Children won’t even realize they’re learning! Available in orange and pink, the ABC Melody Maker includes games that develop language skills, build motor skills and reinforces listening and comprehension abilities.  The game is for ages 3+ and is  available online and at specialty retailers for approximately $29.99
It says the toy is for ages 3+ and Savannah is about to turn 2. I don't think it is too old for her, but I do think it is one that will grow with her!!!!   I love it.  See those circles?  You can have press it and hear the letter "D", the dog bark, you are learning letters, numbers, sounds and so much more!  We have been having a blast!!!! 

The fun you get when you purchase the ABC Melody Maker :
Find It - Makes the sound (like a train) and you press the T / train button.
Tells you to find the letter or number 
Letter and Number Order - What letter comes before / after the letter / number

Follow Me - Tells you one letter at a time to "follow" until you complete a sequence
Music and Sounds - Press buttons and listen to different sounds
ABC's and 123's - Press the letter/ number and it says what it is

It also has a music book with a few songs in there for you to learn.   

Obviously, at her age, Savannah is just playing and having fun listening to it, but I am hoping (and thinking) that she is also learning a little more and more as she plays!   Head on over to the Learning Journey and see what all they have that might interest you!!!!
I want to get the mathematics bot (I do wish it was mulitplication / division, maybe they can make that next!)  and the Techno Gears!!!!
What all do you see that you like? 


  1. The ABC Melody Maker looks like fun. Even I'd like to play with that.


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