May - Memes, Memories and Traditions

May brings about Memories and Traditions around here. 

I guess I will go in order of the month for you all. 

If you are on Social Media that often, you might have seen the Justin Timberlake meme.  
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One of my best friends, that I met in my early twenties, used to love N*Sync, so when it starts approaching May, I think of her because of that meme.  Not saying I don't think of her often, as I do... She lives back in Ohio these days.

Ages and ages ago.  With Dave and Brooke.
Love her and her husband so very much.  In fact, we have pictures of the kids through the house, but the only photo not of our children is one with them on their wedding weekend in Ohio!!!!

Since it is May and we have a Star Wars fan, we move to "May the fourth be with you" memes.
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Like I said, Star Wars fan here, so normally I try and have a different Star Wars shirt for Broxton to wear each day to school the week of the 4th.  He loves it and we laugh about it.  Yes, he wore a Star Wars shirt today!  I noticed several other kids at school also wore them. Not sure if they were doing like us, or just happened to have on a Star Wars shirt today.

My parents were married in May, so that is a celebratory day... and finally, Broxton gets out of school in May, so of course we celebrate that too! (Back in the old days, I didn't get out until JUNE!!!) Like I said, memories and traditions. 

Is May a busy month for you?


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