Kinsa Thermometers make caring for a sick one a little easier.

A few weeks ago, we had a rough time with Broxton. He kept complaining about a sore throat and a headache. I grabbed the thermometer, but no fever.  I thought he was just trying to get out of school, but he would be burning up, I think the thermometer was broken! I took him to see the doctor and she said his throat was really red, but that was about it.  He missed 2 days of school. The next week, same thing.  He even had a fever to go with it that time and it kept creeping up higher and higher.  I was so thankful when we were sent a Kinsa thermometer for review, as it was actually keeping the correct temperature!  
Savannah was so happy with the ELMO KINSA Thermometer! 
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As I said, Broxton kept not feeling well, so of course that meant he was bringing germs home from his classmates too!  He really was sick, as he missed a field trip he was so excited to go on! Come to find out from talking to his teachers, this past week was the FIRST WEEK since JANUARY that she had a full class and all were there and well!  

So yeah, we were excited to get a Kinsa thermometer and one that would work, but I freaked out because I didn't have spare batteries. To say I was happy was an understatement when I opened the package and saw that they had included batteries in it...  Duracell too!  

Savannah sat still for me to test out how easy it was to use on her.  She loved Elmo and then had to ask me about 9 million times to get it for her.  I tried explaining it wasn't a toy, but she was happy to see Elmo, so we "played" doctor for a while.
It was easy to use, you simply take the top off press Elmo's nose to turn it on and put it right to the ear.  Press again and it beeps to let you know it has registered the temperature. 

I thought it was cute that it had a smiley face on it to let you (and the child) know all was okay!
Just this past week, Savannah started having a runny nose, thanks brother!  She was fine and of course I was watching her.  (I get a cold EVERY-SINGLE-TIME the temperature changes from hot to cold and cold to hot...  I think I might have passed that to her!)  Well, the other night that snotty nose turned to a crying and whining baby girl and then she started getting warmer and warmer.  Lucky for me, Elmo to the rescue!  I was worried that it would wake her up during the night, but we were good to go. The screen lit up so that I could see the temperature and it was easy to take without disturbing her!  

Final thing I like about this?  The top has a cap that makes it elevated and not sitting flush on the surface.  We have not used it for the features yet.  This mama is TIRED and I didn't think about it. It looks like loads of helpful (and fun) bits, so we will be uploading it to my phone and getting that going soon!

Here is a little more information from their site:

Connects to your phone via Bluetooth
Tracks health history for the whole family
Offers real-time guidance on next steps
Tells you what’s going around

Instant read at the push of a button
Comfort grip, gentle on baby
No probe covers required, easy-clean surface
Light-up screen for nighttime readings

See and hear Elmo in the app!
Elmo’s friendly face makes readings fun
Elmo offers encouragement or sympathy when reading is complete

Are you familiar with the KINSA THERMOMETERS?  Don't worry.  If Elmo isn't your thing, they have 2 other thermometers as well!  
The Elmo one retails for $49.99.
They have another ear thermometer, with NO Elmo for $39.99. 
Lastly, they have the smart stick thermometer for $19.99.


  1. I love that it's Elmo! About the only prob. we have with thermometers is the fact that they run out of battery life when we go to use them. We just don't use them that often.

    I hate when kiddos are sick. :(


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